My Dream Rider: Super City

Baltimore-based Super City was formed in 2014 by songwriters Dan Ryan and Greg Wellham. The band’s driving pop sound brings to mind Tears For Fears, Prince, and Queens of the Stone Age. Since releasing their debut self-titled EP and their full lengths Again Weekend (2015) and Sanctuary (2018), Super City has performed and toured extensively — bringing their infectious choreographed dance rock to the stage with White Denim, Bent Knee, Rubblebucket, Tera Melos, Vetiver, and more.


Dream Rider

  • A Personal Trainer — To keep us fit and maybe kick the soccer ball around a bit (and it has to be Eric Cantona).
  • Bubble Baths — Everybody’s gotta get clean and relaxed after working out.
  • Ants On A Log — Now, Ants On A Log should be called “Ace In The Hole.” What you get when you include Ants On A Log on a rider is an unassuming snack that requires preparation from the venue. Peanut butter must be spread. Raisins must be gently placed. Celery must sit patiently. If this request is not met, you just know that you are doomed to be destroyed by a rogue lighting rig or bad sound person. To the layman a raisin is symbolic of an ant. This is only the first layer of our line of thinking. Ants, of the Formicidae family, have a common goal in mind when they are together — much like Super City. The raisins are arranged to look as if they travel in the same direction on a path of peanut butter. The peanut butter, a common food paste, is the road we travel while we are on tour and also a reminder to stay grounded. The celery is the outer core of Earth.
  • Microgreens — I just munch on these things all the time.
  • 10 Plane Tickets — To wherever we want to go after tour. But I guess we’ll have to coordinate from venue to venue so that by the end of tour we go on a trip that makes sense and isn’t a year long.
  • A Pack of New Guitar Strings — For every member that uses strings.
  • An Animal — Any ol’ hog will do.
  • A Well Lit Green Room — I don’t wanna strain these dreamy blues (eyes).
  • A Good Joke — For a big laugh (I like humor).
  • A Healthy Dose of Love and Care