Diving into a pastel coloured, dreamy playground of synth pop, VAST HILL bring you their brand new single ‘Heartbreaker’. Electronic percussion, funky bass and Elle Kress’ soaring vocals, ‘Heartbreaker’ is a sweet as sugar. The Sydney dream-pop outfit focus on delivering a perfect blend of retro synth sounds and memorable melodies. Taking influence from stellar bands such as Electric Youth, The Cranberries and The Human League the sounds evoke something familiar yet offer something new at the same time. After releasing their first collaborative EP titled “The Win” with popular synth artist JORDAN F, the duo has dived in head first on a full-length feature album. Spending the last year focusing on their upcoming debut LP, Vast Hill has crafted a concept album detailing the rise and fall of a fleeting romance set in a small town full of secrets. A dream team has brought this vision to life – with the likes of FROYOs Michael Chow producing, and Australia’s own Luke Million mixing, coproducing and adding more energy! New single is out now! You can catch them on these few NSW shows in April.


My Dream Rider by VAST HILL

A massive bucket full of KFC chips with extra seasoning – We both have come to the realisation that when KFC chips are done right…they make your life better.
– Couple of Double Cheese Burgers from Superior Burger <3 – hands down the best burgers in Sydney! yes it’s a 45 min drive, yes it looks so dodgey from the outside that you instantly doubt all your life choices, and yes they are your week’s calorie intake in one meal, but I challenge you to find a better burger place!
-Record player with Hall and Oates Big Bam Boom album on vinyl – oooo such a good album and on vinyl? are you kidding! Magnifique <3
-3x Memory foam dog beds for the dogs (and our dogs…of course) – we have 3 dogs, 3 big dogs and they all compete for floor space in our studio every time we play or write music, they are our biggest fans.
-Gourmet Coffee with a Barista there – we have tried to give up coffee numerous times, but that is never gonna happen, may as well indulge ourselves.
-Monkey butlers serving Tequila on the rocks. – this is Adin’s suggestion. He has a weird obsession with humanised monkeys and sipping straight Tequilla.
– And…sparkling water because Elle never drinks before a gig (weirdo) – to be honest, I get so nervous before a gig that i forget to drink so probably don’t even need the water.

Friday April 12th The Landsdowne Sydney
Sunday April 21st Yours and Owls party – North Wollongong
Hotel Wollongong
Saturday April 27th single launch – Sly Fox Sydney

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