I’m Rory McDonald, from a Wellington based Indie/Alt rock band called Voodoo Bloo, who make music for fans of emotional shoegazey goodness.

My Dream Rider

1. Salted peanuts – Guess I needed to start with a food, but man I love salted peanuts, a true guilt-free snack that just fills you with sodium. On second thought, maybe they’re not as great as I thought they were…..
2. OP-1 – A Fantastic synthesizer with a 4-track tape recorder built into it. I bring this thing with me everywhere, a great musical notepad and backstage jams on it are top notch.
3. Airplane McDonald’s – look, I was told when writing this list I could go as crazy as I want, so I’m absolutely going for it. In New Zealand, there’s a McDonald’s that exists purely inside of a commercial plane, just protruding out into the main roads of Taupo. If I can have anything at all, I want that. Maybe it can be sticking out of the front of the stage and I can jump out of it to start the set holding a burger? I need to make some calls….
4. The Ryan Gosling sculpture from Madame Tussauds Sydney – We took about an hour out of our Australian tour to go over and see this amazing accomplishment of human engineering. We love Ryan, and we’d love to travel the world with him. Well, his wax version. Might be a bit creepy, but I don’t care.
5. Vocalzones – My absolute saviour before every show, these things clear your throat with enough menthol to make the icy peak of mount everest look like a b*tch. Seriously, if you’re a singer, take these with you. EVERYWHERE.
6. Nintendo Switch – I guess I need a tv to go with this, but Smash Bros. before a show soothes the mind thoroughly, an absolute necessity.
7. Hot tub – again, you said I could bring whatever I want, that’s the mover’s problem, not mine.
8. Deadpool pinball machine – The pinball machine I own, fresh out of the box from the states, though my dad has the high score at the moment, so backstage it goes
9. Blue V – succulent caffeination, I don’t think I need to say anymore
10. 24 CRT TV’s, all playing different primate/monkey related documentaries – Monkey’s are just sick man, same with the switch, they just soothe my mind
The Plug: Well I may not get my dream rider anytime soon, we just finished up a dream tour in Australia with the boys from Radicals, and we’re having them over to NZ from the 29th of September to the 1st of October to go out there and promote “The Blessed Ghost”, which you can listen to on all ya favorite streaming platforms.
Social Media Links: Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @whoisvoodoobloo, and get up to date on all our other festivities by heading to voodoobloo.com

Thursday 29 September – Meow, Wellington, NZ

Friday 30 September – The Crown Hotel, Dunedin, NZ

Saturday 01 October – Darkroom, Christchurch, NZ

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