I Need Love is the debut song from the highly anticipated Australian R&B artist Lux, exploring the emotions around a relationship break-up. The track ventures into the struggles of trust within a relationship, the delicate balance between allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to real love versus risking being hurt and the pain of what could have been.

Sometimes a relationship feels ‘unfinished’ and while one person wants to go back, the other one has moved on. Lux explores this theme, proclaiming a realisation of I Need Love while referring to the past with “Look at all the time we have wasted”. The song begins with the sound of a lighter, an inhale and a muttering of “Damn….” He’s exhausted, almost resigned to the fact that he cannot recapture what he once had…….and wondering why he let it go.

I Need Love is about regret and using the past to get a better understanding of yourself. It’s about having the courage to free yourself from nostalgia, and not being attached to what is no longer real. Despite exploring these themes, the song is fairly light hearted and has cheeky moments: “But you’re playing games, I know you love the chase”. The song isn’t the definitive anthem on closure but Lux isn’t trying to preach, he’s just telling us that he screwed up and he has to let the past go.

Lux’s ambition is to put Australia on the map for Hip Hop music. He feels that Australian artists have a lot to say and can bring a fresh flavour to the genre. With a unique flow and sound, Lux has created his own lane that incorporates influences from different types of music.

Lux is currently working on new music, which include collaborations with both Australian and American artists, including R&B singer Cory Jones.

For Fans Of: Juice WRLD | XXXTENTACION | A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

‘I Need Love’ will be in Digital Stores on the 17th of May.

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