Born out of the dark and empty period of pandemic isolation, critically-acclaimed Big Wild (aka Jackson Stell) brings a whole new world of color and feeling to light with his highly-anticipated sophomore album – The Efferusphere.

Three years following his 2019 debut album ‘Superdream’, the Portland producer, writer, & multi-instrumentalist unveils the 14-track project that pushes his sonic boundaries and sees him expanding the use of vocals as an instrument. It boldly journeys into new soundscapes for the artist – twinged with alternative, indie, dance and even psychedelic rock influences. Lead by a manifold of singles “Feel Good,” “Red Sun,” “OMGarden,” and “Blue,” The Efferusphere ushers in an entirely new era of sound that departs from the electronic textures of his past and explores something more homespun, acoustic, and introspective.

Conceptually, the album is based on a parallel dimension he discovered in his two year seclusion where you can physically see and feel the saturation of tension, joy, guilt, and happiness. Emotional weather patterns and phenomena exist here. Big Wild came to know The Efferusphere as the emotional atmosphere of life on earth. This empathic album exists in the realm of deep self-reflection and intimate searching, welcoming the listener to journey inward in this immersive alternate reality.

The synesthetic, full-length project embodies openness, honesty, balance, and color. A revolutionary new world that encourages the listener to sit with themselves and explore; a safe space to dive into their inner depths. It’s an exploration of turmoil and frustration – but also of communal glee, life-changing connection, and how we relate to others through the guise of emotion. An exultation, it celebrates the darkness and light we all live within in an honest and truly raw manner. It’s an inescapable spiritual pull toward the undercurrent that exists all around us – The Efferusphere.

“Exploring inward with less judgment and more forgiveness is one of the only ways to get to The Efferusphere. It was scary to look at myself in an honest way when writing this album. Some songs came easy, the fun or sexy ones. I’ve always felt comfortable expressing joy. But other songs left me feeling naked and ugly. A few lines still sink an uncomfortable pit in my stomach. But I listen back and think “that’s me, that’s genuine.” Ironically, exploring an imagined place like The Efferusphere helped me create something more real. It’s liberating to share these songs with you and to have this album out in the world.” – Big Wild

Alongside the album release, Big Wild launched The Efferusphere Call Center (971) 339-0410 where fans can dial-in to experience the new music, ask questions, and discover more interactive facets from the world of Big Wild and the new project.

The multi-hyphenate also readies his upcoming 21-date The Efferusphere North American Tour with special guests Biig Piig and Josh Fudge, set to kick off September 14 in Philadelphia, PA which includes festival appearances at the likes of Austin City Limits, Life Is Beautiful, Corona Capital & more.

Big Wild’s continuous artistic evolution and exceptional ability to meld sounds sets him apart from his peers, putting him stylistically in a lane solely his own. Moreover, as a performer, he is one of the most sought after progressive rising acts on the circuit today. Backed by a full-live band, his live show has him switching between multiple instruments (drums, synths, keyboards and live vocals) to deliver a jaw-droppingly energetic, hybrid set – infused with high-octane pop, indie, dance and disco elements, distinguishing himself as a standout artist that is not to be missed.

His beginnings as an artist started in the electronic space. He gained global traction topping global viral charts and having his music appear in major brand campaigns for the likes of Apple, The Olympics, American Eagle, and more after his first releases via Foreign Family Collective and his debut album Superdream (Counter Records), but his long-term endeavor is one of evolution.

This forthcoming project is the ultimate representation of such. Truly genreless in nature, he is not confined by preconceived notions of modern sound.

The Efferusphere Tracklist
1. The Efferusphere

2. Red Sun

3. Don’t Rush

4. Feel Good

5. OMGarden

6. Blue

7. The Rain

8. Waiting Outside

9. Something In The Water

10. Applause

11. Curious
12. Spirits Set Me Free
13. Burst Of Light

14. We Could Share

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