Your friendly neighbourhood Crocs deliver slow jam ‘My Baby’ and are doing what they do best, bringing their fury to festival stages in support!

In contrast to their usual blistering tracks, ‘My Baby’ is a standout – especially live. Sparser than your uncle’s hair, the track keeps the band’s signature sixties flavour with added key change and harmonica – the softer underbelly to Crocodylus.

“We’ve been sitting on this song for a while, but canned it for a bit until people kept asking for it.” Drummer Mikel Salvador continues, “Always a nice song to play when security warns you that you’re about to be kicked off stage because the crowd is trashing the place.”

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, there’s nothing quite like a Crocodylus gig. Through their prolific touring the rowdy trio has a reputation for a sweaty, rambunctiously good time, rightly earning them a legion of fans and support offers. In two short years they’ve played alongside Hockey Dad, The Lemon Twigs (USA), Skeggs, Dear Seattle, ORB and The Bennies whilst bringing their infectious antics to Sounds of the Suburbs and Sweaty Palms.

Released in March, their last single ‘My Love’ was a real pleaser among both crowd and media, helping the band sell out launch shows at The Lansdowne and The Tote.

Not ones to lay dormant, Crocs will once again take to the road NYE on the Hill, King Street Crawl, Surry Hills Festival, and Festival of Doom.

Crocodylus – a guaranteed good time in your ears and on your stage.

‘My Baby’

catch Crocodylus at

Sunday, 2nd September
King St Crawl @ The Marly Bar, Sydney
w/ WAAX, Mosquito Coast

Saturday, 22nd September
Surry Hills Festival
w/ Joyride, RACKETT

Sunday, 30th September
Festival of Doom @ The Lansdowne
w/ RACKETT, Boytoy

Sunday, 30th December
NYE on the Hill
w/ Smith St Band, Sampa the Great

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