What a way to kick off 2019 with the first original music release from Declan Kelly in nearly 10 years! Carry Me is the debut single from his forthcoming album.

After a hiatus from his solo career, traveling the globe with bands such as Bernard Fanning and the Black Fins and Katie Noonan’s Vanguard, much loved Sydney musician Declan Kelly has released his first single ‘Carry Me’ from his forth coming album due for release later this year.


With his honeyed tones rippling gently over sweet guitar Declan says of the inspiration for the track:

Carry Me’ has a cinematic tone that I was craving for in its sonic quality to highlight the intimacy of this Heart song about the trials and falls of a love and essentially holding each other through it all, thick and thin.”


Recorded at Declan’s studio nestled in the heart of Surry Hills, Sydney. The song is inspired by the likes of Beck’s Morning Phase record, The Alabama Shakes and the sounds and stories around the City of Sydney where Declan’s heart nests.

“After my last album Diesel n’Dub and being immersed in a dub filled world playing versions of Midnight Oil songs, it was only right in my heart to come back to a more personal collection of songs that have been brewing over the last few years.”

The emotionally driven graceful track showcases Declan’s sensational vocals whilst taking the listener on a journey of the heart. Declan is both a song writer and story teller, his swooning vocals and folk- tinged sound highlighted beautifully.

The video created by Stephen Hyde is a visual journey to accompany the track and showcases an inspiring underwater story of a diver  visited by a lantern fish being led by the fin to rescue him and lead him to the surface and was inspired by the emotive lyrics.


Declan Kelly’s ‘Carry Me’ is out now.


Watch here:

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