With less than a month until the release of his debut album Sunrise Chaser on November 9 via Dew Process / Universal Music Australia, today Joyride drops the new track ‘On The Level.’

‘On The Level’ is the fifth song to be lifted from Sunrise Chaser, and his most stripped down and intimate offering. The song sees Joyride go deep on this beautiful, woozy ballad, paired with a piano and cello, as well as a gorgeous guest vocal appearance from leftproject’s Sarah Corry. The combination of the two voices creates an affecting dynamic, reinforced by the adorable video they shot in a video game arcade.

‘On The Level’ follows in the footsteps of current triple j favourite ‘6am,’ and the big vibes of ‘Aunty Tracey’s Cookies,’ two songs that have revealed Joyride as an artist in his own distinctive lane.

The song is the next chapter in the Sunrise Chaser saga, which Joyride explains as, “a collection of stories about being 20-something legends on the weekend in Sydney’s Inner West. It explores different genres like a Bluetooth speaker on a bend. It explores the emotional spectrum that exists between Friday and Monday, including the bits we maybe try not to explore all the time.”

‘On The Level’ is arguably the soul of the album, hinting at the melancholy undertones of the aforementioned weekend lifestyle.

The album features some of Australia’s most interesting vocalists and producers, from Nina Las Vegasto HermitudeHandsome to Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson

The video for ‘On The Level’ was created by Joyride himself, and features Sarah Corry and he waltzing through a Timezone, performing a “karaoke” ballad with the backdrop of arcade games and strength testers. 

With only a couple of weeks until Sunrise Chaser is released (November 9, weather permitting), ‘On The Level’ is the last taste before the full, 15-song album is finally shared.

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