Sweet September is the second single from Australian artist Rich Latimer’s most recent solo studio album Dreamer, scheduled for release in Australia and New Zealand in early 2019.

In September 2010, Rich’s grandmother Joan Noakes was coming to terms with and readying for her imminent passing, fulfilling her last days in this world. Rich spent his days and nights camped by her bedside during this time, looking after her in the ways she had done for him for so long, always the rock in his unstable young life.

Sweet September captures the last words Rich’s grandmother spoke in her life, words that she conveyed to him with her unique depth and a profound feeling of peace: “everyone’s time must come”. The message in Sweet September conveys a deep feeling of interconnection, that we are never alone, even in what might be perceived as the most isolated moment a human can pass through, death.

Rich is an accomplished, high profile musician performing in both progressive rock band Very Unique Existence and more recently as a solo artist. His passion is for music and projects that promote consciousness connection, positive messages and nature.

At 41 years of age, Rich describes himself as a ‘heartist’, someone who lives, creates and cooperates from the heart. The philosophy he lives by and believes in so strongly he had tattooed on his arms: ‘music changes people, people change the world’.

The first single from Dreamer was released in Brazil and the US in 2018. Upliftopens the album with powerful lyrics that call out for us to love, learn and serve; that we have the ability and co-responsibility to raise our frequency personally and consciously with good thoughts, words and actions! The video clip for Uplift presents a taste of the multi-sensory show that is being developed with other artists, connecting sound, projection, video-mapping, hologram, scenography, theatrical performance and even aromas. 

This show will be a public extension of Rich’sAwareness Showsmusic project that he started in 2010 in high schools that were developed after his brother survived three months of trauma in a coma from a car accident. Declared a certified miracle, this event compelled Rich to start a highly specialised music awareness tour to high schools to connect with and support teenagers around the country as they navigate some of the most important decisions and challenging times of their lives (www.awarenessshows.com).

Learn more about Awareness Shows here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrZ_3mgxY54&t=1s.

Like most independent musicians, Rich also has a day job. As an elite level Entrepreneur running a Digital Marketing agency (www.richtraining.com.auRich first came to public attention when he was awarded in the top #100 Marketers in the World by Facebook in 2014.

Rich is a renowned Speaker presenting on the Power of Social Currency and the Social Economy, combined with new world social responsibility based business models, capturing and enlightening audiences at high-level events and building associations around the world. If you are looking for an individual who can bring awareness and touch your heart, through, word, song and deed, then Rich is your man.

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