A sultry, dark and immersive adventure lies in wait on Aquarius, aka the brand new single from luminous alt-pop artist st.james. Officially billowing out into the world today, Aquarius marks a stylistic shift for st.james from her earlier work; but it’s ultimately a stunning and welcome deviation, bustling with futuristic hues as well as a smattering of st.james’ more vintage trademark flair.

Aquarius crawls and undulates with glossy production and immersive layers, with st.james effortlessly sweeping and skipping vocally amongst hip hop, electronic and alt-pop undertones. Polished, poised and oozing with charisma, st.james emerges with the ultimate sonic glow-up via her new track, nodding to both the past and present simultaneously, as she explains, “I listened to a lot of The Beatles when I was writing this, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band! I think I also subconsciously got the intensity of the vocals from listening to Halsey’s If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power album as well. But I wanted it to feel futuristic, with a little hint of some vintage energy”.

Working alongside Luke Palmer as the primary producer, st.james also brought in Matt Bartlem as co-producer for Aquarius, with Luke and st.james initially throwing ideas around from an early demo before passing over to Matt to finesse and edit, leading to the eventual bewitching end result. Bouyed by a shared creative vision alongside her collaborators, st.james also fluidly explores intimate and universal themes throughout the visceral single, with a transcendental narrative take on the world and self realisation, as st.james elaborates, “Aquarius is about shining the light on what was once hidden in shadows. It’s personal and also written from a collective point of view. The awakening of our minds and deciding to forge our own beliefs from information presented to us, rather than consuming mindlessly and regurgitating old, tired belief systems”.

A diehard lover of all things music, st.james grew up surrounded by pop music videos and listening to the likes of David Bowie and Bob Dylan with her father along the way. Currently based on the Gold Coast after previously working and living in Melbourne for six years, and a stint in Byron Bay in 2021 filming the Netflix series Byron Baes, st.james has repeatedly enamoured in 2022 with her optimistic, heartfelt tunes via tracks like Liars and Restless Life. And presenting a fun, mysterious, layered and darkly seductive outing fit for a futuristic kingdom on her new single Aquarius, st.james also continues to look to her own past to both bolster her creative process and connect with fans, as she concludes, “My love for great, intentional lyric writing, and catchy pop hooks and melodies are my biggest sources of motivation when it comes to the music I create. It’s universally the number one way humans connect and it has the ability to change and shape your emotions and how you see the world. I find that so fascinating. I have always sung and played music but it took quite a long time to find my feet with songwriting. I had so many thoughts and feelings and no idea how to express them. Figuring out not only what I thought people would want to hear, but also what I wanted to share, was the most challenging part. I now try to write honestly, and without a censor or veil. And if it resonates with an audience then I am so happy.”

Aquarius is out today, Friday July 8.


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