Charged with an alt-rock grit that burns with the passion of punk, the soul of blues and the eccentric strength of avant-garde influences, Adelaide’s own St. Morris Sinners are unveiling the second single from their upcoming album (Out March 25), releasing ‘Big Rev Kev’ on February 25.

Forming in 2011, the St. Morris Sinners, comprising of Stephen Johnson, Django Rowe, Angus Mason and Felicity Freeman, have made it their mission to bring dirty blues-rock back to the masses, doing so in style with multiple live performances around the world, including the renowned Binic Folk and Blues Festival in France.

Attracting attention with their previous blues-based rock releases, such as their 2016 debut LP ‘Songs About Insects’, the band’s impending album represents an evolution in their sound, as they shift towards more avant-garde, rhythmically diverse influences, starting with the release of title-track ‘Zbilanc’ last year.

Now, the St. Morris Sinners are backing up their most recent release with new single ‘Big Rev Kev’, a commanding, genre-defying track that is as composed as it is primal. With the strength of an old-timey sheriff walking into the town saloon, ‘Big Rev Kev’ is commanding in its presence, with western reverb-coated electric guitars and deep, powerful vocals.

Loaded with forceful drums and sturdy bass guitars, the track tells a story with an imposing vocal delivery, slightly ominous yet unperturbed. Until, just before a powerful instrumental explosion of wailing guitars and vigorous drumming, the storyteller’s composure breaks, uncovering a primal vocal not yet experienced in the track. He returns to the story once again, but this time harbouring an underlying tension that’s ready to emerge at any moment When it inevitably does, it’s followed by high-octane rock breakdowns, revving with dissonant guitars, large, compelling riffs and drums heaving with the force of the truth bursting through a barrier of self-maintained composure.

The second single from their upcoming album, ‘Big Rev Kev’ embodies the album’s theme of imbalance as the storyteller struggles to remain composed, eventually giving in to his more primal instinctual reactions.

The St. Morris Sinners have experienced many successes to date, leading them to be signed to HOT PANTS Productions, touring France in 2019, as well as performing with a host of bands including King Khan & BBQ Show, Harry Howard and the NDE, Spencer P Jones, The Creases and Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds.

With plenty more to come for the St. Morris Sinners, their newest single ‘Big Rev Kev’ is out on February 25. Their album ‘Zbilanc’ is out March 25.

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