Jess Spahr is a quirky musician from Sydney’s Shire. Growing up surrounded by Sydney’s beaches she began her journey into music at the tender ager of five when she picked up a violin. Progressing to piano and vocals she has continued her music journey, culminating in the release of her new single ‘Groundhog Day’.

Taking about the single Jess comments The single is about all things Covid haha. I was literally staring out the window one day thinking “ my God it is like Groundhog Day, every day is the same” from there I just started writing.

Was great time to write and lucky my friend James Ellercamp was on board to produce the track and we were both pretty pumped at how it turned out.

With last year seeing the music industry very much on hold due to the world wide Covid- 19 pandemic there is no-one more excited to be back making music than Jess “After everything that has happened with Covid and the world being on hold, feeling absolutely amazing to release something again !! “

With Australia slowly coming out of its Covid- coma Jess will will be releasing her first ever album in October this year. The album chronicles finding love throughout Covid (aww) battling and trying to stay on top of a careers and pushing all negative responses to the side. Her album will explore these themes and shine a light on how she responded to the global crisis, a love story and coming out on top.

The pandemic has been a difficult time for all of the creative industry and finding love in the time of Covid is the feel good music that we all need right now. With her main music influences being Kate Bush and Florence &The Machine, she combines the sounds of the iconic women into one and create something that resembles her in the present moment, and is a snapshot of her life.

Jess will be debuting her new single to the world this May at Lazybones.

Tour Dates

13th of May at Lazybones in Marrickville,

1st July – Hamilton Station – Newcastle

 Tickets are on sale now through Moshtix

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