Tove Lo

170 Russell, Melbourne

28 September, 2022


Memphis LK jumps on the decks and drops a heavy techno beat to get the crowd bouncing along. Under a neon glowing light, she picks up her microphone and begins to sing over the top to pump it up to the next level with her soft and airy vocals that create a euphoric mood.

She continues to push her set further by increasing the tempo with trippy effects on her catchy track Tricky. The fast pace continues with her brand-new single Whip that’s a catchy jungle-pop anthem full of sparkling synths and choppy drum breaks. For her final party trick, she picks up her clarinet to play an epic solo instrumental of Guru Josh’s iconic dance hit Infinity, followed by a few stellar back-to-back remixes that send the crowd into a frenzy.

Swedish pop singer Tove Lo emerges in a robot inspired metal leotard costume that marks the beginning of her new era. Kicking off with her playful dance pop anthem Bikini Porn, she cheekily shakes her booty at the audience as she moves across the stage from side to side.

“I know this is a party city, I’ve had some late nights here,” she exclaims. It’s a Wednesday night but Tove Lo declares it’s also a party day and as we reach the dance part of the set she tells us, “We’re gonna dance a little bit and then we’re gonna cry and dance together at the same time, ‘cos it’s one of my favourite things to do.” She continues with Are U Gonna Tell Her?

Tove Lo is getting ready to release her fifth studio album (Dirt Femme) next month so she shares a few of her latest songs to begin exploring her next chapter. As she starts to sing 2 Die 4 she is instantly taken aback by the crowd singing the words so loudly back to her because she was surprised we already know the words.

After a short pause and an outfit change, she returns in a revealing pink outfit that shows plenty of skin and she has to stop and take a moment to adjust latex underwear. “I thought it was a good idea at the time because it looked hot,” she laughs. Talking Body is the next track and she flashes the audience quickly before the final chorus before asking the crowd to then do her a favour by getting down really low and jumping up for one last verse.

Disco Tits and her collaboration with Flume Say It, have the biggest audience reactions and Tove Lo whips her long high ponytail around as she dances her way through the energetic, high-energy part of her show. She grabs a pride flag from an audience member and wraps it around her microphone stand as she sings her Kylie Minogue collaboration Really Don’t Like You (She dedicates to all the gays in Australia).

She then takes a break from dance part of set for her to play us at least one ballad. “This is a bit of a journey so take your time in the moment,” she tells us before delivering an earth-shattering ballad that has to be one of her best vocal performances ever. Moments continues her slower part of the set with another emotional ballad with a powerful message about acceptance and not being perfect.

We then move onto the final rage part of the set with How Long which was recently featured on the hit TV show Eurphoria. The song explores themes of love, betrayal and denial. True Disaster fits well in this pocket too before concluding with the encore including the song that changed her life Habits (Stay High) and the eighties inspired club pop banger No One Dies From Love.

Words by Michael Prebeg

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