In an industry which is constantly on the look out for fresh new talent, there’s no need to look any further with ‘Running’, a second single released today from 17 year old MARCO. MARCO jumped into the digital scene with first release ‘When I Was a Ghost’ a couple of months back, already boasting 65,000 streams to date.

A young artist with a strong and determined vision, MARCO takes influence from the likes of Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Frank Ocean and JOY, mastering a pop style similar to the catchy vibes of fellow Aussie Troye Sivan. ‘Running’ gives justice to his stylistic lyrics with a dreamy yet delicate voice setting an ambient soundscape. A collaboration with Tom Eggert from T Scarlett & MTNS this track is in full force for a play.

Undeniably charismatic, MARCO releases a video accompaniment alongside this single release. A collection of home videos adding a nice dose of meaning, transparency and vulnerability for all to get to know this new artist a bit better. Brooding a nuance to the loveliest of qualities, the track leaves a charming message reminding the listener “to live in the moment and not stress about the the future, to work with what you have around you and the people you have around you.”


Marco explains his inspiration for the song:

The song is about always running towards your goals and aspirations whilst having the support of your family and friends behind you to back you up. It also describes the hardships of being alive in the world today and how we as humans struggle to push ourselves to be the best we can be. 

After working extremely hard whilst maintaining the fun factor of being in the studio, my mate and I Tom Eggert always strived to achieve the best product we possibly  could. To be honest with you though there would be no other person I would rather write   a track with, than Tom. Man o man do we make some tunes


Soon to graduate high school, it’s no doubt he’s ‘running’ towards something big.

Watch the video now:

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