Dan Howls is an appropriate name for an artist with such a bellowing roar. Big, gritty and acidic, it is a voice that belongs to the blues… a human being merely wields it. Tried and tested through years of live performance, Dan has finally unveiled his stunning debut album, A Dime a Dozen

Dan Howls Top 5 – Things we miss when away from Freo while touring

#1 Our band: Julia and I tour Europe, India, the east coast and many other places as a duo mostly due to budgeting for tours. We miss our beast of a drummer Josh with his happy smile and fresh Dad jokes (He’s recently become a dad and has the most adorable child in the world). We miss our crazy keys/sax player Ben and his ridiculous antics and heart of gold and we miss our witty cheeky bass player Callum. Coming home and playing shows together is always an amazing reunion and feels like home. We have started putting plans in place to take the band on the next couple of over seas tours including Japan and possibly Europe.

#2 My motorbike: Running as deep as a passion for music I (Dan) love old Japanese motorcycles. I recently had my old 1977 kawasaki beast stolen and have replaced it with a 1984 Suzuki. Nothing beats going for a ride down the coast or through the hills with The Black Angels or Brian Jonestown Massacre blaring in my helmet. I met Julia through having my bike at a festival and she needed a lift back. She now plays in the band and tours everywhere with us 🙂

#3 Tasty taste laksa from Fremantle.s infamous “uppys” food court: What can I say. Ya boy loves noodles. Nobody does it like them. Spicy warm coconut broth with steamed veggies and hunks of tofu. My secret tip is to ask for it with wanton noodles 😉 Also if you’re reading this and are a noodle fiend try “Kitchen Inn” in Kardinya. They hand make their noodles 😉

#4 The live music bars: Mojos, Clancys, The Aardvark. Fremantle’s live music culture is pretty hard to beat in terms of the venues and the familiar faces you see there. Going back for a drink and bumping into 50 people you know and love is a pretty great felling returning home from a harrowing and debauchery tour. We’ve been to many many music bars and cafes in our time and these three little gems are up there on a world level. They got soul and have a family of people surrounding them and ensuring that live music lives on.

#5 Our friends and family: I grew up in Perth but made the jump to Freo when I was 18. We have so many beautiful friends and family that nurtured and continue to support our dream of music. It’s great making a ton of new fans but nothing beats your closest friends and Mum and Dad dancing front row at your shows or when you can start to comp them festival tickets so they can come along for the ride. It’s always a discussion Julia and I have while we’re away on tour. “Man lets catch up with this person and this person and this person and have a potluck dinner with wine and games”.

Universally understandable, Dan Howls’ sound is a passport to anywhere in the world. With his band, he is eager to tour anywhere and everywhere, starting with his own backyard. Soon to embark on a regional tour of Western Australia, kicking off with an appearance at the Wave Rock Weekender, the band’s focus will be on building a national tour of Australia, taking their bare knuckle brand of blues to music lovers in every corner of the country.

Debut album A Dime a Dozen out now via Firestarter Distribution
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