Port Royal proudly wear their vintage rock n roll influences on their tie dyed, flowing sleeves. In an era where everything old is new again, the quartet channel rocks forefathers and put them on display for a new generation to fall in love with.

My Fave bands by Connor Arnold  (drums)

1. The Beatles
This goes without saying really. Easily one of the greatest and most influential rock/ pop bands of all time. From their music, fashion and overall influence, these 4 Liverpool boys have left a mark on music that can never be erased. The Beatles have had an incredible impact on the way that we write and perform our music. Our bass player Chase is a Beatles fanatic and always has a little piece of Beatles trivia that keeps as all continuously intrigued and amazed.
2. The Rolling Stones
Ladies and Gentleman, ‘The Rolling Stones!’
The Stones are probably the closest thing that we are compared to musically. Classic blues inspired Rock’n’Roll. From the stage presence of Jagger to the catchy licks of Richards, the Stones are everything we aspire to be. Our lead singer Lawson is continuously told how much he resembles Mr Jagger which I think is more Lawson’s doing than genetics. Flares, wavy long hair and a flamboyance that cannot be experience firsthand. Jagger definitely runs rings around our experimental lead singer but he can only try.
3. Led Zeppelin
Definitely a personal favourite of mine. In a conversation regarding the best bands of all time I think it would be criminal to leave Zep out of the Frame. The term ‘King of the Riff’ is one that I think sums up Led Zepellin. Zepellin has something very special, that much is for sure. I often like to think great bands have the combination of genius songwritting and supremely talented musicians. I think its safe to say that Zepellin has each of these bases covered.
4. The Doors
Mr Mojo rising. The long lasting memory that Jim Morrison and The Doors left the world will simply never be repeated. Their blend of blues and psychedelic rock is truly special. On top of the soaring vocals of Jim Morrison, the lighting hands of Ray Manzarek on keyboard creates such an ambience of brilliance that pleases on every listen. All we can do now is thank The Doors for their masterful song writing and celebrate the effect that they had on guitar music.
5. Queen
Who could ever forget the first time they watched the famous Queen performance at Wembley for Live Aid. I remember my Dad owning a DVD copy of the concert and showing me that performance for the first time. The way that Freddie Mercury was able to completely control a live audience and produce a performance that leaves the listener in complete awe, even If you are watching on YouTube!
Friday, October 25. Byron Bay Brewery, supporting The Hard Ons
Saturday, October 26: Gasometer, Melbourne (sold out) supporting The Cherry Dolls 
Friday, November 2: The Triffid, Brisbane – HOMECOMING HEADLINE SHOW
Wednesday, November 7: The Triffid, Brisbane (sold out) supporting The Dead Kennedy’s
Friday, November 16: Solbar, Maroochydore supporting The Cherry Dolls

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