After taking some time to work on new music, Sydney-based artist Ross Henry returns with his sweeping new single ‘The Birds and The Breeze’ – recorded and produced by the musician himself at his Leichhardt studio. Taking cues from the likes of Bonobo, Four Tet and Amon Tobin, ‘The Birds and The Breeze’ is an atmospheric take on experimental-electronica pop. To celebrate the release of ‘The Birds and The Breeze’, Ross Henry will perform a one-off intimate show at Stave’s Brewery, Glebe with soon to be announced special guests.

Here Ross presents his favorite Australian artists:

Seeing the music of Sparrows develop has been an absolute treat. Having been hooked since 2015’s “On your own” each musical breadcrumb along the way demonstrates a growth, refinement and an execution that just gets better and better. Whether it’s the production, stylistic choices, songwriting or live performance, Sparrows is an artist that evolves and grows in a way I have a lot of time for. Most recent cut ‘Over & Out’ interlaces the essential characteristics of her sound with a whole new level of potency and vitality.
There’s a fresh energy within the production and pace ofthis one, it hits hard. She’s also a buddy of mine, the wonderful thing about mates is that they support each other. Lucky for me she’ll be literally doing that at the “Birds and the Breeze’ single launch Dec 8th at Staves
Brewery, Sydney. Wonderful.

Every time I catch a fresh glimpse of Clypso weather it’s a new track, video or show it’s even more vibrant, colourful, energetic and usually an absolute banger. I imagine her entering a desolate street and with the power of sheer presence converting it into some ridiculous party after a few steps. There’s something about the whole concoction of tunes, aesthetic and  energy that I really appreciate about Clypso. Apparently I’m not the only one, she’s going places fast.
Clypso – Pop Roll Flow –


I’m big on glorious rhythms, sweet, sweet vocals, beautiful chords and an interesting journey. So naturally after watching a live performance of ‘Junior Spirit’ on ‘Baked Goods’ I was freakin’ mesmerized, absolutely sold. Since then they’ve been quite a staple within my listening habits. I caught them recently at a show in Sydney, found them after the show and said ‘Your music makes me happy to be alive’. Shout-out to previous,brass riddled outfit ‘Mangelwurzel’, “My House’ is really cool track.
Baked goods performance.

The Sticks
To be blunt, ‘The Sticks’ are probably the most interesting, innovative, cocktail of performance, interactive technology, visuals and glorious music potentially swimming under your radar in Aus. I’ve beena massive fan for a few years now since seeing them at
the Red Rattler in Sydney. At it’s most minimal manifestation, rhythmic virtuoso Alon Ilsar carves noise out of thin air via wireless controllers to manipulate sound in a captivating solo performance weaving between the abstract and tangible acoustics of the
space. At it’s most elaborate, we’re treated to an expanded (very talented) band with Josh Ahern on Bass and Daniel Pliner on synth allowing stunning visuals via Matt Hughes to take centre stage tethering vision to
sound in real time, absolutely stunning.

Great local producer doing some innovative interesting stuff with her production/performance. I’ve been keeping a eye on Moochi since catching a live set at the OAF gallery bar last year. She’d just released “Foul Play’ ft Billy Fox. The performance was great, by the time she
busted out the trumpet I was converted. If you’re fan of abstract tapestries of sounds, motion and movement, a good groove and awesome production I suggest keeping an eye on this one. I know I am.



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