At only nineteen years young, the future for Belgian born, UK singer/songwriter Moli is beyond bright. Combining her vibrant and fascinating storytelling with a vocal style that’s completely refreshing from her contemporaries, Moli is cementing herself within the ranks of tomorrow’s indie-pop elite.
Moli talks us through her song writing inspo. 
When I write songs, I get inspired by what I am dealing with at that time and my emotions. I often write to get things off my chest. It’s a sort of therapy to me. Taking something that comes from a difficult place and turning it into a song that you can laugh cry or dance too.
Didn’t mean 
It is in someway a break up song.  I was seeing this guy for a little while in Berlin but it was “non official” and we never really talked about where we were at but I believed foolishly that he had the same mind set as I did. The day I told him how attached I was, he lead me on a little then told me that he didn’t like me in that way and that he also wanted to have fun and see other girls. He never seemed to feel any guilt about the hole situation or empathy for me. I was completely heart broken. I wrote “Didn’t Mean To” from his perspective.
You can cry 
Is a song about being a very sensitive and emotional person. which I am. I feel emotions very strongly and I have cried a lot through out my 19 years of age. It’s something that I just can’t control. I let things get to me very quickly. I wrote this song as a message to other sensitive people like me out there saying that it’s ok to let it out and that you shouldn’t feel judged in any way for this.
I wrote comfortable about the routine in relationships. Relationships are always super exciting in the beginnings. First dates, being nervous around each other, first physical contacts. It’s all very magical.
After a while, in certain situations, this fades away. The nerves and the holding back fade. You become “too”comfortable around each other. I was inspired by a relationship that I had In the past.

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