After culminating a long and unique relationship with music comprising of church performances from the age of seven, developing fluidity amongst instruments including piano, guitar and vocals from the age of twelve and even graduating with a Bachelor of Contemporary Performance from the Australian Institute of Music – Tasha is now ready and has released her debut single Runaway Love, available on all platforms now!

Being a musician and a DJ that finds herself out in the scene 3-4 times a week, Tasha is bound to know some secret little spots that she would love to share with you all. Below is 5 late night spots in Melbourne that Tasha has found throughout her career.


1.) Imperial South Yarra-Amazing House Vibes! With the best staff and specials for an all around great time!

2.) Evies Fitzroy-You walk into this place and its pumping with some good tunes and good  with the unique retro interior vibes!

3.) The Duke Rooftop-Melbourne Oldest Bar around! With some of the most friendliest staff and house vibes will get your pumped up for a good night out!

4.) Grub Food Van-Such a unique place with plans and the best food there! One of the best places to eat and catch up with friends in Melbourne thats for sure!

5.) 56 Bricks- Some of the best Hip Hop Dj’s and all round good party vibes! Best place to get your friends out and dance all night to your favourite Hip Hop Tunes!




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