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Hailing from Colac, in Victoria’s West, The Attics craft their own brand of melt-in-your-mouth psychpop.
Built of jangly guitars and ear worming bass hooks, their sound evokes images of shimmering
sunsets fading into the flickering disco lights of a Summer festival.

We asked The Attics what are the Top Five things you take to a pool party.

1.       Tinnies – You can’t have glass in the pool.
song: Hazard Perception Test – Not A Boys Name.

One to watch. Mark my word. In the meantime, I think you can nearly hear the sound of tinnies being cracked during this song.

2.       A Big Enough hat – To protect you from all angles of attacking sunlight.
song: Big Enough – Kieran J Callinan.

Jimmy Barnes’ hat in the film clip is an example of a big hat

3.        Bluetooth speaker – It’s not a party without music. More like a pool club, not a pool party.
song: Fraser A. Gorman – My Own Sunshine.

An early contender for local slow anthem of the year (to be specific).

4.       Confidence – A quick Google and we’re told confidence is important for a pool party. Alright. If you haven’t got any, pack extra tinnies, see point 1.
song: Confidence Man – Boyfriend (Repeat).

A ripper track to catch live. While you’ve still got Google open, checkout the video from Meredith….

5.       Token of appreciation for host – A new stubby holder, packet of Doritos etc… This could win you favour over the AUX cord (In 2018, Bluetooth connection) later on, see point 3.
song: Nobody – Mitski. Try get this out of your head, then picture yourself strutting round the edge of the pool to it. Strut, strut. Go check this album out.

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