Top Five Antidotes to make your life better by The Fix Ups 

Hey! we are The Fix Ups, and we would like to share our top 5 antidotes to a better life! 
Writing and playing music is something we are immensely passionate about, but there are certainly loads of ups and down you can experience in the musical journey. Read on to see what we are inspired by in life, and what we think is important for longevity and health as an artist, individual, and band member. It’s not all go go go; sometimes you gotta take it slow slow slow!!


We trailed out yesterday for a Sunday roast. It was so good to have dinner together after a hard days work. It gives you a chance to catch up on each others lives, and you also find out things you wouldn’t normally discuss at rehearsals.For example. Marlene found out that Santa gave Ash a pony for her 5th birthday, and Ash found out that Marlene was married! Throw your friends in there to spice up the night, complacency and monotony becomes so boring!

Group Holidays.
Life can get really busy, and catching up with people can be quite hard. We like to plan weekends away with a group of friends to the hot springs or the beach. It’s a real bonding moment between people. Last time we did this, Nikos forgot the keys to his grandparents holiday house, and we had time to kill on the beach. Serendipitously, our mate Yolanda serenaded us with some classic Aussie tunes she had to sing for Australia day. It’s amazing how fun a game of celebrity heads or charades after dinner with a few glasses of wine can be!

  1. Musicians Wellbeing, physical, RSI, play with no stress in muscles, play like a buddhist monk

Playing music can be super taxing on the body, and every member of The Fix Ups have had RSI problems. In the song, It’s Your Life the piano part is fast an repetitive. It has to be played in a clear and relaxed way, like a Buddhist monk on sedatives..See your doc, do some yoga, and go for a swim! Talk to your bandmates about it; often it starts in the mind. The last thing you want is a body that doesn’t do what you want it to do anymore!

  1. Having a industry mentor, how to do stuff? Exciting, reading

Having a mentor in your industry is super important. This person can be a fantastic role model, that can help draw out the amazing creative person you often have trapped inside you! The Fix Ups members all have mentors, whether it be life coaches, teachers at university, or family and friends. They can also show you how to be a ethical, awesome human being at the same time!

  1. Go to gigs, stay on the scene, keep inspired, go to gigs

In the immortal words of James Brown “Stay on the Scene!”, or in other words, go to gigs! These can also be art shows, photography exhibitions, whatever inspires you to do what you do best. The Fix Ups regularly go to their muso friend’s gigs, which is both fun, but also super inspiring and informative. Introduce yourself to people, even if you’re frightened of doing so. The only way to grow yourself is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Live life passionately, because fear rarely has dire consequences.

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