Melbourne rockers Zenith Moon have today announced their ripping debut single Inhibition, an inspiring track about overcoming a negative experience and coming out the other side a stronger person, out now. The group have also dropped a clever clip to accompany the track, showcasing the fun, high-energy nature of a Zenith Moon performance.

We caught up with the guys to ask them TOP 5 MOMENTS WHEN INHIBITION RUINED THE DAY and here is what they said..

When Mum buys you an ugly item of clothing and you’re forced to wear it all day to not hurt her feelings.

‘Th-thanks Mum…’ You say as you confront the reality of not going outside once for the next week to stave off the questions like ‘Why aren’t you wearing that new thing I got you?’

2. When you have to fart during an important business meeting.

Maintain eye contact, make sure you don’t tense too hard, don’t stop talking otherwise they’ll know somethings up. You can’t handle that pressure as well – just play it cool.

3. When you’re at a friend’s house and they only buy one pizza to feed 5 people.

This is when you’re counting every. Single. Slice. But you’re torn between ravenous hunger and having your friends not resenting you for the rest of the night because you had three slices instead of two.

4. When you want to bang on ‘Inhibition’ by Zenith Moon as loud as you can but your friends aren’t into rock.

Sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit, they’ll come around anyway.

5. When you’re not paying attention and you snap back in to someone saying ‘…do you know what I mean?’

This is when you strap yourself in, and commit wholeheartedly to saying ‘yes’ with unbroken eye contact, all the while crossing your fingers and hoping they don’t ask you ‘well then what did I say?’ And if they do… well we’ll get back to you on that one.



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