Named #8 in Ultimate-Guitar’s top 12 guitarists of 2015 and listed among “MusicRadar’s #1 prog guitar player in the world right now” for 2017, Sydney’s independent instrumental progressive rising star, PLINI released his new EP, Sunhead on July 27 this year.

The four- track EP is a showcase of technique and expertise bundled into a soundscape of energy.  Opening with ‘ Kind’ the EP offers four tracks that are uniquely different. 

Traversing through a soundscape that ranges from the more mellow and progressing to elements that are more heavy, taking you back again the EP is a veritable delight of sound that is at all times engaging and enjoyable listening. 

Adding in a touch of piano for third ‘ track’ Flâneur’ there is a slight classical feel, still managing to progress through heavier elements, throwing in a little saxophone for a touch of jazz seasoning the track is a sound landscape of sorts and stunning to listen to. 

Whether you’re a hard core prog lover or just a casual listener of the genre the EP is a brilliant display of music.  Its a journey through both brilliant technique and superb composition. 


01. Kind
02. Salt + Charcoal
03. Flâneur
04. Sunhead

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey

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