Back in 1977 at Madison Square Garden a young Scott Ian stood watching his idols Kiss on stage. From there  Scott Ian would go on to form one of the most significant ‘ Big Four’ bands Anthrax.

A career that has seen him play alongside some of the worlds most influential musicians has given him a lot to talk and write about.

This evening during the speaking tour One Man Riot! Scott regales the audience with tales of his youth, cases of mistaken identity ( including being mistaken for Creed’s lead singer Scott Stapp) and of course stories of his good friend and music legend Motörhead’s  Lemmy.

He has lived a life that most can only dream of, and it would seem he never dreamed himself of this life, but yet he manages to remain humble and relateable through out the show.  There is none of that arrogance that can sometimes be associated with a musician this well known and its refreshing and amusing to watch. 

From humble beginnings to getting drunk with Lemmy, being pranked by Dimebag Darrell (Pantera) Ian has seen it all. He tells it all with passion and humor and it makes for a great show.  He is witty and articulate and one funny mother trucker. 

For any lovers of metal or music lovers in general this show is something that you might not expect. Peppered with illustrations through out ( Ian is a comic book artist among other talents) that perfectly punctuate his hilarious stories, the show is two hours of laughs, inside jokes and music history.  Its also an inspirational tale of a man who lives a life in the fast lane, meeting his heroes and having one hell of a ride whilst doing so, and as listeners we get a backstage pass to some of the behind the scenes of his life. 

For anyone that loves a good tale, and a really good laugh Scott Ian’s show is sensational. Considering he’ll be back next year to play Download with Anthrax on the bill, this show is a must see.


Words and Images by Amanda Lee Starkey

Scott plays two more shows:

Saturday, September 29: Metro Theatre, Sydney 

Monday, October 1: The Tivoli, Brisbane

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