As his first release of new music for 2019, East Denistone strikes a chord as the song lands heavy with emotional lyricism against a rich musical tapestry. Built on crashing percussion and a dramatic coupling of guitars and keys, ‘Amongst Taller Trees’ battles between ideas of persistence and one’s creative endgame.The new East Denistone sound and live show will be unveiled for a hometown crowd at a highly anticipated show in Sydney on March 29th at the Lady Hampshire in Chippendale. 


In order of feasibility…

  1. A burger from the most reputable joint in the area – the more locally revered it is the better. I just love a good burger and if I’m playing somewhere out of town, they better be bringing some serious local flavour. I’ve been doing my best to sample some of the vegetarian and vegan options that places have, but some days I just crave some wagyu beef. And a fried egg in the burger never goes astray. I’m sorry, animals. I really am trying.

  2. A soy mocha from the best local cafe. I guess the theme here is I like trying things I already love, but with slightly different twists on it. I do cop a little flak for ordering a mocha instead of a normal cappuccino…but I like chocolate and I like coffee so I don’t see any reason not to enjoy those two things at once.

  3. Some good quality, local chocolate gelato.

  4. A hammock. For a nap.

  5. A PS4 or Xbox with NBA 2K. How good’s basketball? I go for the Sacramento Kings – they’ve been dreadful for about a decade but have finally turned the corner so I feel like I have a new lease on life. My sports fandom and I are no longer a running joke.

  6. A masseuse – if you don’t like massages then I don’t think I can help you. Nobody can.

  7. A full sized, 12ft snooker table. This will probably stretch the green room out…but I’ve been getting into the sport over the last 6 months along with some mates who I’ve managed to rope in. In all honesty it’s pretty addictive, and I figure it’s a bit like golf without all that walking. This might work against me too – I’m pretty terrible and it could result in me taking to the stage in a really bad mood. The tables are also really heavy so I feel sorry for the poor bastard that has to lug it around everywhere.

  8. A little pool. Refer to 9.

  9. A seal. Yeh…it’s highly illegal and pretty unethical…but they’re just really adorable. And they look so playful. Please allow me to hold on to this fantasy. I will settle for the artist as a consolation prize if people can’t make it happen



                 SINGLE LAUNCH 

Friday March 29th Lady Hampshire Chippendale

with Pearl The Girl, Megan and The Vegans

    Free Entry


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