Hey guys! My name is Harper Bloom, I am an indie-folk singer-songwriter from Melbourne. I’ve just released my new single, Red Rocket, check it out on Spotify now :). It’s a song about dealing with grief once you’ve lost someone close to you. It’s about continuing life in a positive way. I hope you love it! You can listen to it here Harper Bloom | Spotify !

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The beach – I love a good swim before a show, it calms me down and makes me feel refreshed and ready to go. Also, I love swimming, I used to be a beach lifeguard back in Perth and I miss the beach now living in Melbourne, so if you could chuck a beach in the green room that would be lovely and homely.

Infinite cheese board platter – I am a cheese fiend. My girlfriend actually gets pretty stressed sometimes at the rate that I eat cheese. Sometimes I just chomp on a piece of castello like it’s an apple. So lets go, castello blue, creamy gouda, mercy valley onion cheddar, cream cheese but also don’t forget the quince paste, chutneys, pate, dips, etc 😉

Gin Distillery- I switched to drinking gin after I drank so much rum in the first lockdown that it gave me a root canal. Never before had I even had a filling. So I switched to gin and it’s good because you put on less weight too. A bit of gin with the cheese board would be lovely 😉

Library – This is my peaceful place. I can’t focus when there is too much noise (I’m like an old person), so if I am trying to relax and sort things out before a show, it would be nice to have a little silent zone library around to read a book and chill.

Stand-up comedy – A good laugh before a big show would be great. Good humor always puts things back into perspective, nothing is all that serious really! Why don’t we throw the Welshmen Lloyd Langford on stage, he is bloody hilarious!

Fleetwood Mac: Just to warm up the vocals, it might be useful to have a little jam session with the great Stevie Nicks beforehand?? Gold Dust Woman or Rhinannon would be my go to’s!

Niel Diamond: “Cherry, Cherry” is one of my all time favorite songs. Sometimes I play it before a show to get excited and fired up haha. So having Neil in the green room with his band performing this track before I go on stage, that would leave me on cloud 9.

Massage Parlour: A good head massage before a show would be amazing. I’m not really into full body massages as I am super ticklish so it is almost like tortue, but a good head scratch would be lovely


Isolators surf break: I used to surf a lot back in Perth, and I miss it so much! The water in Vic is very cold, and also, it takes about two hours to drive to a decent reef break haha (if anyone knows otherwise, please let me know). So, let’s go for a little post gig night surf at isolators (my go to in Perth).

Mum and Dad: My parents live in Perth, so if someone could fly them over for a big gig that would be nice 🙂

Harper Bloom is set for a big 2022 with a new sophomore EP and plenty of shows on the cards, Red Rocket may be the first thing we hear from this talented singer-songwriter this year, but certainly won’t be the last!


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