My Dream Rider: JEFFE

JEFFE’s been anything but ‘Motionless’ in the last 12 months and with an appearance nationally alongside some of the biggest artists in the world – including Flume and Diplo – at Listen Out Festival  this dynamic artist is poised to show her versatility and vivacious live set to a new crowd. 

My Dream Rider

1x Thermomix
My dream rider would definitely have to incorporate a thermomix so that I can cook whatever I want whenever I want. Buuuut for the times I’m feeling lazy, which is more often than not, I would also like a personal chef who can cook me whatever food I am craving at the time. I have very flippant wants and needs so I need someone who can cater for my erratic eating habits!
1x Whiskey
A bottle of your finest whiskey too please! Usually I would just ask for a bottle of Jameson but if the sky is the limit here then I’d happily nurse (with my life) a Hibiki 21 year old, although I’d settle for a bottle of Sullivan’s Cove French Oak 😉
1x Hot Toddy ingredients
I need some serious Hot Toddy ingredients as well, not just lemon and honey…. Bring on the turmeric and chilli!! (I promise not to make a hot toddy out of the Hibiki 21 though!)
As for entertainment I’d love a pre-gig yoga studio as its own separate room, and a pool table in the main green room for after the show…. An indoor ski slope to go boarding and get the blood pumping would be pretty ideal!
As for emotional and therapeutic needs…. I’d like an arab x thoroughbred horse that I can sit on and hug its neck, and potentially go for a quick gallop. 
A relaxing massage at the end of the night which puts me to sleep, would go a long way, so if there’s an in-house masseuse then hook a gal up 😛