If you’re on the market for some blistering grunge / punk /noisy pop, Mannequin Death Squad is the band you want””Blasts of bratty, sharp-tongued punky noise” – AuralAggravationMelbourne punk rock duo Mannequin Death Squad are having anear-splitting 2019 having already established themselves as a force tothe reckoned with in their home town and in Europe.


A room full of pigs running around and snorting.

I would love to arrive at the venue after a long trip and open the door to a cute cacophony of pig snorts to cheer us up.

A nice bottle of whiskey.

It takes a nice edge off and warms our vocals up so we can rip them apart with screams shortly after.

A voice coach in a cupboard.

Always ready to give us a little warm up before a show, before they descend back into the cupboard.

A barrel of plectrums and drum keys.

Because you know why..

A long table lined with Mexican jack-fruit tacos with mountains of guacamole and rivers of salsa.

The pigs could also be eating the tacos and would be probably wearing sombreros and would have gotten into the whiskey bottle. Pesky pigs.

Green Healthy Stuff.

We would love lots of veggies and salad and some multivitamins to keep us healthy on the road. We are always getting sick whilst on tour so its good to get some good stuff into us, instead of eating burger king on the side of a freeway.

A hot shower.

With your own private and quiet room to get ready in.

A box of crazy outfits and props that you could wear for the show.

It would be fun to make every show different and interesting on tour. Spontaneity will make for rad shows. Plus we could dress the pigs up and make them race in tutus.

And most of all, someone to load out all of our gear and drive us home so we can get the fuck out of there; the pigs have gone rabid..


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