My Dream Rider: PARKER

Tash Parker is a visual artist, songwriter and musician from Tasmania. Her artistic practice is centred around collaboration with musicians, visual artists and technology artists to curate multi-sensory experiences for her audience.  PARKER has announced her devastatingly beautiful new single Become The Fool, a heartbreakingly powerful song about an unbalanced relationship in which one person ends up sacrificing too much of themselves and their dreams for another, out now.  PARKER is Tash Parker.

It’s 3am, I just flew back from my Dad’s wedding in Italy, have wicked jet lag and tomorrow I start rehearsals for my shows supporting Costume on their national Dream Palace tour.  I’m feeling outrageous, let’s do this. 



  1. A chest filled with dress-ups – fancy jewellery, faux fur coats & feather bowers.


  1. A Photo Booth – they had one of these at an ARIA after party I went to once and I ended up with a series of ridiculous photos with one of my musical heroes Katie Noonan.


  1. A bar tender who makes fancy mock-tails – I don’t drink but I love to pretend like I’m sipping a dirty martini whilst wearing a faux fur coat.


  1. A Pilates reformer machine and personal instructor – Gotta get that core activated to hit the high notes.


  1. A projector and some trash comedy shows. If I get nervous I can just tuck myself under a doona and pretend I’m at home watching a movie.


  1. A doona mumu (fashion item invented by my sister) to snuggle up in


  1. A tray of amazing pastries from Bread + Butter (my favourite Launceston bakery)


  1. Hammocks for people to lounge in – because all the best late night conversations happen in hammocks.


  1. A huge hologram of a coral reef and bioluminescence so we can transport this party to a magical underwater world.


  1. My family and close friends – because it’s always better to share experiences with the people you love.



February 28th, Earl Arts Centre, Launceston, COSTUME Dream Palace Tour support, TICKETS

March 6th, Peacock Theatre, Hobart, COSTUME Dream Palace Tour support, TICKETS