My Dream Rider: The Casanovas

With over 20 years as rock industry staples, The Casanovas are back after taking a hiatus and present their new track ‘Hollywood Riot’. Their first single in four years, ‘Hollywood Riot’ introduces The Casanovas’ trademark sound to new audiences and feeds the appetites of career-long fans. Heavy beats and intense rock harmonies fuse with high-charged riffs and power chords to create a sonic monument that is both nostalgic and futuristic at the same time.

My Dream Rider: The Casanovas


After a long day driving on tour, we sometimes don’t get to our hotel till way later after the show. There’s nothing like having the creature comforts of a well-stocked backroom sanctuary to hang out and enjoy before the show. In the past, we’ve had everything from a broom cupboard, a disabled toilet, right through to a backstage beach view apartment with all amenities.

Below is a summary of all things that if brought together, would make the ultimate rider:


Fully stocked private bar with staff to mix the drinks. I’ll have another vodka thanks.

Choice of highland whiskeys and cigars. Post show for the start of the vocal management. Cigars really just for effect.

Various sliced meats and cheeses rolled up to perfection. Love a classic finger food spread!

Home cooked dinner.. weve come across this a few times in Europe.. nothing beats sitting down for a homemade dinner on the road.

Piano for vocal warm ups. Very important to warm up the vocal chords before a show and get the harmonies on point

Case of Vocaleze for after the show! This stuff is the best for making sure you can still have a voice the next night. Love vocaleze.

Fuseball table, to get the energy flowing before the show. Driving all day can become pretty mind numbing. Great to get rowdy with a highly competitive game of Fuseball.

Laundry facilities, because rock n roll is sweaty

Yoga mat and private zen room. Sometimes its good to get away and be mindful. Tommy loves a pre show yoga session.