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Introspective soulful blues, Timothy Wolf is the new kid on the block rising up through Australia’s music landscape. Already selling out multiple shows this year and adding more Wolf introduces us to his boisterous and chaotic band ‘The Howlers’. We’re introduced to the Melbourne local through his debut single ‘In your arms again’ but with an album recorded and on the way, there’s a lot in store for Timothy Wolf and The Howlers.

My Dream Rider

  1. Chilli – lime mission chips no discussion.
  2. Roger Federer giving us tennis lessons – he seems like a really nice dude who’d be super wholesome to have a beer with.. With brings me to my next one.
  3. Bodriggy’s Utropia Pale Ale pints flowing on tap and tacos being served by Brum the car (I feel like it’d be super speedy – not a paid bit for Bodriggy** Unless they wanna supply free tacos? I’d do horrible things for free tacos.
  4. Bob Dylan spinning his favourite records
  5. Morgan Freeman narrating Bob Dylan’s choice of records and the stories behind those choices.
  6. A play pen for my dog Pearl with a never ending supply of bones.. Then a litter of 10 more Bulldog puppies to both play with Pearl and us. Probably mostly us.
  7. My grandma to just chill and tell me life is gonna be alright – she’s a legend and all time great hang <3
  8. A rigged Uno competition where I’d get to win everytime.. But nobody would know so it was just as competitive because I need that kind of irrational affirmation.
  9. Mental health moments where everyone just hugs every 10mins. I feel like this would be a really huge vibe.
  10. Simpsons season 5-15 playing on the big screen… I feel like a lot of these are actually quite achievable. Thanks for the dream rider inspo. Does anyone have Bob Dylan, Morgan Freeman & Roger Federers phone number ?



Northcote Social Club – May 5 (second show – selling fast)
Northcote Social Club – May 6 (sold out)


In your arms again (Spotify) –


In your arms again (video) –