News: Alt-Pop Artist Ilja Alexander Releases Feel Good Single ‘Someday’

Hailing from Amsterdam, alternative-pop artist Ilja Alexander releases a feel good single ‘Someday’ accompanied by stunning visuals.

Oozing with infectious vocals, ’Someday’ is a timeless single that sees Ilja imagining meeting the girl of his dreams on the street after a night-out. The record has a well- balanced combo of elements that whip it in to shape and show Ilja can deliver a track with conviction that is true to himself.
On the single, Ilja said, “One morning I envisioned what it would be like to meet my dream girl, but it never happened. It was a feeling I think many people go through, so that’s how ‘Someday’ came about”

“I want people to feel happy and joyful while listening to the song, to visualise and dream a similar situation and to forget about negative and stressful thoughts,”

Ilja’s main inspiration is to connect with the heart and soul of his audience. With each release, the artist effortlessly weaves themes of a tapestry of love, life, heartache, hope, redemption and enlightenment.
His debut single was released in 2007 in The Netherlands and became increasingly popular in Indonesia, which led to his 2nd single becoming a #1 radio chart in Indonesia. After his gained success in Japan, Indonesia and several other countries in Asia, Ilja decided to change the direction of his music, fitting more to who he has become.

‘Someday’ is the first single off the upcoming mini-album ‘Nature’ to be released by the artist and is a truly musical fusion of pop, alternative rock, urban, and dance elements. It is Ilja’s most ambitious effort to date that will surely ignite new interest and more fans to his truly unique blend and sound.