If there’s a description that, personally and professionally, fits Richard Z. Kruspe like a Savile Row suit, ‘fired up’ would be it… and today, he is bringing news of the new Emigrate album to the world with single and video ‘1 2 3 4’ featuring Benjamin Kowalewicz! The new album ‘A Million Dregrees’ will see its release on Friday November 30th, released in Australia through Caroline Australia and the rest of the world through Universal Germany

Pre-Orders for ‘A Million Degrees’ are live now at https://caroline.lnk.to/AMillionDegrees and single ‘1 2 3 4’ is live for streaming and purchase now at all digital stores and streaming outlets. 

Featuring 11 tracks, a fresh production team plus vocal contributions from Rammstein’s Till Lindemann & Billy Talent’s Benjamin Kowalewicz this latest release is less a successor to ‘Silent So Long’ and more a re-booted take on the overall concept, continuing Kruspe’s desire to craft something personal. He writes the material, including new single / video ‘1234’ (spotlighting Kowalewicz), sings the bulk of the songs (in English) and works hard – sometimes in the face of adversity – to keep everything rubber-stamped as ‘special’, fashioning a body of work that will appeal to both existing supporters and those who appreciate the power of a great song delivered from heart above head…

As a member of Rammstein, the music world’s most explosive live act, Kruspe has been part of a ground-breaking global success story that continues to build and to ignite; along the way, he’s turned his attention to a number of parallel projects, such as constructing a new studio (and a new home) in his native Berlin, but it’s his decision to launch the Emigrate set-up that has given him the greatest chance to satisfy creative instincts outside of the parent group. In many ways, it’s an anti-dote to the parent group!
The first Emigrate album appeared in 2007 (a self-titled record that went Top 10 in Germany, with single / video ‘My World’ appearing on the soundtrack to the third ‘Resident Evil’ movie); ‘Silent So Long’ followed in 2014, featuring guest vocals from such high-profile artists as Marilyn MansonJonathan DavisPeaches and the legend that will always be Lemmy; and now there’s a new / third album, ‘A Million Degrees’, scheduled for worldwide release on November 30th…
For more information about Emigrate, go to http://www.emigrate.eu. Pre-Orders are live now for Emigrate’s ‘A Million Degrees’ at http://caroline.lnk.to/AMillionDegrees for release Friday November 30 through Caroline Australia and Universal Germany.

Single ‘1 2 3 4’ featuring Benjamin Kowalewicz is live for streaming and purchase now at all digital stores and streaming outlets. 

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