News: JËVA Releases A Vulnerable Coming Of Age EP ‘Saturday’

Australian-Chinese Pop/RNB artist JËVA releases his highly anticipated coming of age EP ‘Saturday,’ a vulnerable EP that pays homage to his roots.

The three-track EP works as Chapter 1 of the artist’s life. It sees JËVA thank the innocence of his past, with each track unveiling the story about his life before coming out and realising his worth as an artist and as a person.

On the EP, JËVA said, “These songs have attached themselves to my spirit and I won’t be able to grow as a person until they are out,”

“When I first saw my name labelled as a queer pop prince on an article for the first single, It really freaked me out. To be so open and vulnerable, put so much on the line in the genre of pop and much possibly not achieve “commercial success or reception” is scary. But it’s necessary. I think it’s more important to tell stories, to create art, to put the energy out into the world,”

Like a distant dreamy Saturday of the past, a relaxing blissful weekend, this EP wraps up the distant past of JËVA; with the first single ‘I Can’t Stop Thinking Of You’ paying homage to a distant memory of innocence, to ‘Love My Way,’ a cover of a 80’s hit by ‘The Psychedelic Furs,’ a sentimental track that took JËVA away from his reality before coming out and finishing with ‘Fantasy (Acoustic)’ a track about a one-sided crush in high school.

On why it’s important for JËVA to make music he said, “An idea I’ve been embracing recently is the concept of living boldly, authentically, compassionately and integrously.. And that’s what I’m trying to do with my music now. One year ago I would’ve never dared to own up to my sexuality, and show up with my story as my wholehearted self. I thought there was a limitation to my vulnerability. I really do believe if we allow ourselves to share the truest colours and work past all the little fears, the world would be a better place.”


JËVA is an Australian-Chinese Queer Pop artist who is making the change he wants to see in the world. Not only does he take a stand to see more POC to be represented in the music industry, he also wants Queer people to feel like there is a safe space to be who they are with no limitations.


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