Our Golden Friend are thrilled to welcome Melbourne’s Peak Twins to the Our Golden Friend label roster!

Peak Twins return with their second album, Beloved, out June 28. Following their self-titled debut LP from 2013, Beloved is a richly-rendered exercise in melodrama and melancholy. Today, the band share the debut single and video from Beloved, ‘Water’, premiering now at Weirdo Wasteland. The song had its radio premiere last week on Triple R’s Breaking & Entering.

James Frostick of Weirdo Wasteland describes Water as “a spectacular return to the spotlight for the group – setting a tone of emotional maturity and acceptance, no-doubt forged through the years of bruising and battering their soul has undergone in the period between recordings.”

Thanks to the song’s video, directed by Luke Byrne, ‘Water’ is accompanied by images of nature which have been inverted, made otherworldly. ‘Water’ is essentially a series of positive affirmations, the chorus of which reminds its listener that no matter how much strength one can muster: “Love don’t come easy at all”.

Beloved is out June 28 via Our Golden Friend. It’s available now to pre-order on blue vinyl.

Peak Twins launch ‘Water’ on May 17 at a Secret Collingwood Location alongside Sweet Whirl and Sleepless Nights (email info@ourgoldenfriend.com for the address).j

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