News: Melbourne band SILT release new single ‘Humidity’ OUT THIS FRIDAY

When vocalist and keys player Jessie and guitarist Josh started sharing song ideas, something was planted. A seed, dropped in some dirt, that soon became SILT. The Melbourne natives have been creating music that is a blend of melodic surf-rock, wrapped in a blend of eclectic beats and grooves, often inspired by modern hip hop, jazz and indie rock.

Releasing The Rest Is History earlier this year the band have just dropped ‘ Humidity’ a track inspired by that feeling in a relationship where you are feeling a little claustrophobic for whatever reason and you can’t seem to make the right decisions for yourself to create space.

I think it could apply to many different types of relationships. I was inspired to write about this when I was just in a bad mood, feeling this way, I wouldn’t say it represented my life at the time but certainly how I felt then. I was listening a lot to the US band Now, Now – in particular their new album Saved which influenced the style of the song, explains Jessie

It feels more exciting than those we’ve already released, because we spent more time thinking about the production and layers. I’m really proud of this song and feel that it shows some growth in terms of my song writing, so I’m excited to see what everyone else thinks.

 Jessie began playing piano at the age of eight but didn’t start song writing until  the age of  nineteen  Hailing from a musical background Jessie was emerged at a young age with family on both sides are really musical, with many cousins, uncles, aunties and a Dad in bands. The experience of Jessie’s formative years has helped shape the sound and inspiration behind the bands musical influences.

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