“a cut of gorgeous pop steeped in psych traditions that oozes romanticism and rich musical quality.” – Sosefina Fuamoli, The AU Review

“veers between psychedelia and pure pop songcraft in the best tradition of ‘60s acts” – John O’Brien, Courier Mail (U on Sunday)

“what a deliriously delightful trip into the surreal the album is” – Pilerats

Melbourne psychedelic pop songsmith MOONLOVER is stoked to release the video for ‘Wedding Day’ – the latest of a string of videos taken from his acclaimed debut album Thou Shall Be Free. The ‘Wedding Day’ video was animated and produced by Moonlover – aka the solo project of Quang Dinh, formerly of Little Red – himself, and was released this morning together with the announcement of five solo shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart kicking off later this month.

W. Moonlover is touring throughout August and September, full details below.

‘Wedding Day’ stylistically pays homage to 50s pop with clean arpeggio guitars, close harmonies, Leonard Cohen-esque lyric and Beach Boys-esque flow that’s built to slow dance to. On the ‘Wedding Day’ video, Moonlover explains, “After making ‘The Ooiee’ film clip and handling the animation of the ‘Queen of Sheba’ clip, I set out to make a fully animated clip for ‘Wedding Day’. I figured DIY or die. I was inspired by the work of Lotte Reiniger, who pioneered silhouette animation. I drew some stuff, cut shapes out of cards, scanned a few things and then manipulated it and animated it.” And that he did, the visuals swimming between butterflies flying from open books, a thoughtful letter being composed, hiding from the rain and lovers kissing under wedding bells.

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