News: Steve Cousins releases new single ‘ Start Again’

Based out of Phillip Island Victoria Steve Cousins is a new wave multi instrumental loop artist. Specialising in vibrant live multi-instrumental looping with unassuming vocals, sultry guitar and violin solos and an energetic shoeless on stage presence that is always looking to keep vibes high.

Start Again’ is the latest release from Phillip Island, Australia based Steve Cousins. ‘Start Again’ is Steve’s most acoustic and raw sounding release to date, and highlights the songwriters breadth in sound and musicality.

The last 12 months has seen Steve perform live shows with The Pierce Brothers, Ash Grunwald, Jack Botts, as well as taking the stage at Spilt Milk Festival, NYE on the Hill, and performing his own sold out show at the Westernport Hotel in San Remo and conducting two East Coast Tours of Australia heading up and down the country in his van.

Steve says “I have been fortunate enough to experience a lot of change through my life. Growing up in Namibia, Dubai and Australia to a career in paramedics, sport and now music has shown me many things. Amongst all this there is one thing that seems to remain constant and that is the need for connection between those around you. Ive seen acts of kindness and love translate any situation or culture. No matter the circumstance or the amount of change we face, we will always be able to start again. “

I have reached this part of my life through a journey of exploration, trial and error and a desire to make the most of things whilst still being able to help others. I have tried many things so far due to my very fortunate upbringing however what seem to have stuck with me through it all is my love for Music, Health and Physical activity (in the form of Skating and Surfing at the moment). 
With such a diverse range of life experience to bring to his music Steve brings an honest yet warm sound to his art and has captured the imagination of audiences.  During isolation Steve has been performing online live streams and is excited to be creating something that leans into these crazy times that have kicked off the new decade.
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‘START AGAIN’ is out on Friday, 15th May