My Dream Rider: Ogopogo

Fasten your seatbelts, hold onto your cats and get ready to be catapulted into the dazzling world of Ogopogo. From moths to crabs, to rats to the occasional zombie, Ogopogo embraces the weird and the wonderful in an eclectic six-piece ensemble that merges disco beats with jazz fusion, surf rock and groove.”

Dream Rider

Box full kittens, various breeds and colours.
Spiral slippery slide into pre-made Pina Colada.
100 back up dancers ready to go, fully sequined.
Velcro walls with Velcro body suits.
Fruit platter and chocolate mousse delivered the B-52s
A zombified corpse of Frank Zappa chained to a wall.
Copies of all the Holy texts…. and some of the un-Holy ones.
Couple a beers and some food would be alright.
Steamed hams.
A pack of never-ending Tim-Tams
The band release their first single ‘Moth’ off their debut album on the 9th of May, along with a hilarious video clip filmed and produced by Mike James. ‘Moth’ is inspired by a late night out in Fitzroy and embraces themes of letting loose and freeing the animal within whilst cutting sick on the dance floor.

Listen to the ‘Moth’ here:
Insta: 98NeAaOS9amcFdm94R2rWLUU8HrJHxt02nCM

Bandcamp: j0PLqs_lGLJcqrWyILZax132vvM6k7iwef5xxoO4

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