Voice For Change 2018 is forging deeper connections with community by engaging young people
through a series of interactive school workshops led by some of the best, and upcoming hip hop
artists the country has to offer. These workshops will offer exciting practical opportunities and rare
chances to work with well-respected musicians, community leaders and mentors across songwriting,
talent development, recording, video and live music performance opportunities – giving youth direct
access to inspirational mentors who are quickly becoming positive role models.

The episode focuses in on Krown, a young Sudanese born rapper with a big voice and a lot to say. It’s raw, honest and powerful.

In his episode, Krown talks of his responsibilities of being the oldest in his family, the perception about his voice to pursue music and how the media has paramount power in manipulating negative perceptions to the general public about migrant families.

“I just want to see unity, peace and love and all the positive stuff. I don’t want to see racism…I don’t want to see people live like animals in cages. Say hi to your neighbour no matter where he is from, what colour he is or what race he is. Those are the changes I want to see.”

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