News: KEZRA treads fragile emotional terrain with debut single ‘BETTER PLACE’


In exploring relationships – the disengagement and reconnection of – Melbourne songwriter KEZRA has produced some gorgeous sounds in her debut single, ‘BETTER PLACE’.

KEZRA’s vocals are an immediate stand out on the track; breathy and hypnotic, the way this vocalist makes her presence known on record is truly beautiful. Matched up with great production from Melbourne’s Mark Zito (FRACTURES), ‘Better Place’ could not have been in better hands.


As KEZRA – reflects on the process of working with Zito, the creation of ‘Better Place’ turned the duo into a bit of a music making dream team. “I had this Garageband demo that I sent through to him with piano, vocals and a few guitar riffs. From there, it really became more than I ever imagined. I said to Mark, I want to create something that I can lay there with my headphones and listen to it over and over again. At his home studio in Melbourne, we worked on the track together and had these really awesome ideas that I never would have thought of. From smooth chilled out synth lines to those funky guitar riffs in the choruses…oh my, he was on point as a producer. He just got it.”


With mixing and mastering duties handled by Simon Lam of Kllo fame, ‘Better Place’ firmly sits within the crop of new Melbourne indie music that is positioned for bigger things as the next few months of 2018 continue to reveal themselves..


News: Feiertag Releases ‘Run Away (ft. Pip Millett)’ Single [via Majestic Casual Records]


Feiertag is the alter ego of Dutch drummer and producer Joris Feiertag. His new single ‘Run Away (ft. Pip Millett)’ marks the first release from his forthcoming EP, to be released via Majestic Casual Records.

Feiertag has been making his mark, having played festivals including PITCH, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Eurosonic and Down The Rabbit Hole. He has also released music on labels such as Kraak & Smaak’s imprint Boogie Angst, Kitsuné, Sasha’s ‘Last Night On Earth’, SVNSET Waves and Mike Mago’s ‘BMKLTSCH Records’.

With a sound that can be described as electronic yet warm, with a preference for innovative syncopated rhythms and poppy melodies with the help of unique vocal features, Feiertag has garnered support from leading international taste makers including KCRW, Pete Tong, Dancing Astronaut, Discobelle, Stereofox, Mixmag, We Plug Good Music and Trndmusik among others.

Enlisting the soulful and sultry vocal talents of UK based Pip Millett‘Run Away’ takes you on a journey through a syncopated soundscape driven by the narrative of standing strong in the face of adversity.

‘Pip’s unique sound worked perfectly with the instrumental I created and formed this song effortlessly. The vibe of the track resembles the relaxed collaboration that came forth from Pip’s unique vocals and my melodic instrumental. First time working with Pip generated an instant response and I can’t wait to share this with all of you.’ – Feiertag

‘Run Away (ft. Pip Millett)” is out on April 19th via Majestic Casual Records.

Interview: CHARLY


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Charly is a French singer, musician and composer based in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Always aware that she wanted to be an active creator in the musical realm, she started to sing and play guitar during her childhood.

After high school, she diverged from her path as a dentist and gravitated to the Arts. She earned a Bachelor degree in Art and Communication at the ICART in Paris, France and dove right into the music industry, working at record labels, concerts venues and festivals organizations.

We caught up with Charly to discuss music, growing up in France and what’s next for the LA -based singer. 

  1. What inspires you to write music?

It is going to sound really cheesy, but what inspires me writing and composing music is my life, all of my experiences and the things that I can see on the news, etc.


  1. How does living in LA compare to growing up in France?

Well, there is a lot of similarities and at the same time a lot of differences between both countries/cities. Let say that growing up in France gave me a lot of structure and organization in my life and LA helped me to be more relax and aware of what was around me. I love both countries and both of them teach me a lot every time I am staying in them.


  1. How does the American music scene differ from the European scene?

I would say that in France we get more financial aids from the government to create and safely pay our bills then in the USA. Specially if you are under a visa obviously. It is a good thing to be helped, but because of that I have this feeling that people don’t take risks anymore as they can in LA. They enjoy the comfort without questioning their arts everyday.


  1. Who are your favourite musicians?

I am a big fan of The Who, Tracy Chapman, etc. But for the last few weeks I am listening to LP and Tank and The Bangas. They are so good at what they are doing. You can see that they work constantly to get better and get a new vision of what they are doing.


  1. What is your favourite place to play music?

I shouldn’t say that … on the toilets. Bathrooms’ acoustic has always obsessed me. There is something really particular to it. I used to spend hours locked in my bathroom working on music stuff.  When I was a teenager I was spending hours in there which can sound totally normal for this age instead that I wasn’t putting make up on. I was just playing guitar and singing on my toilets. Now I got the chance to get access to studios and rehearsing rooms easily so it is a little different *laughs*.


  1. What advice would you give to your sixteen year old self?

Tell your teachers to f¨ck off when they tell you musician is not a real job. I am not saying it is an easy job. I am still struggling to pay my bills. But it is a job for sure and it can make you happier than working in a field you get no interest in.


  1. What’s your plan next?

We are in the middle of rehearsals for the live show set up with my wonderful partners Eric Reymond (bass) and Coralie Hervé (drums). Aside of that, I am working on the music video for my song “What’s Next?” with  Zoé Pelloux (producer) and Caio Slikta (fine artist). We’re filming next week, I’m so excited!!!


  1. If you could play music alongside anyone, who would it be?

In my crazy dreams, I see myself  having a rock/folk band full of pop musicians/singers like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, etc. Their voices are so powerful and I am sure they can also play instruments… But as I said, crazy dream *wink*.


  1. What is your advice to anyone wanting to start in the music industry?

Make sure you want to do it cause it is your passion and you can’t see yourself doing anything else because it is super hard to be able to pay a rent just by playing on stage. Most of the people working in the industry get several side jobs and work their ass off to just be able to pay bills and eat. It will take time for you to be able to get a comfortable financial situation and it still can change in five seconds if you don’t secure it smartly enough! So if you want to start this job “to be a worldwide star”, find something else.


  1. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you on stage?

That is a good question. I don’t know. I almost fell couple of times. But that’s funny for the others, not for me.


Once, during a gig with my band Charly&Faust, I placed my capo wrong on my guitar so I started the song on the wrong key and everybody got confused. No one was playing in the same key. That was so terrible we had to stop and restart the song. But I explained my error to the audience who laughed and was really supportive. Thinking about it now, this was a funny moment 🙂


While she is part of several bands like “Charly&Faust” and “The Sutra”, she is now releasing her third EP called « Awareness », produced by Eric Reymond and herself.


News: Black Sails by Weesp: new heavy album from the band and new sound of signature style

Within the last few months rockers from Weesp treated their fans with newest singles and were getting ready for the release of their studio album Black Sails.
On April 5th guys finally released the album.
Dynamic, diverse and wholesome Black Sails album is a 40-minute trip that consists of 9 tracks and is full of heavy riffing, melodic ballads, anger, pain and hope. The album sounds much heavier in both music and lyrical sense but at the same time, it preserves the same bright emotional message that’s typical for Weesp.
“Who We Are” track opens the album with a bit of reflective mood but explodes with heavy and recognizable riffing tight away and the album keeps pounding with furious “Red Neon Glow” and high-voltage “Not Over” that combine overloaded guitars with groovy drumming beats. Lyrical but still powerful “Roads, Hotels” and “After Us” are full of melancholy that hides strength and are full of dreaminess that leads to actions.
Even though the album lyrics is not in the form of a story but rather reflects emotions and visions, it still has clear and concise meaning that pierces through whole Black Sails album. The theme of complicated choice and thorny path of a person that does not fit in “normal” world and for whom “normal” society values are not enough can be heard clearly in anxious “Monsters”, sincere “Illumination” and epic “Who We Are”. Social problems, while not being in the center of the lyrics, can still be recognized in the background in each track from the album. What’s interesting is the fact that Weesp does not blame society for one’s fate and mental state but on the opposite, the band encourages its listeners to act, believe, struggle and find own way. Black Sails is an album about staying true despite anything.
Closer to the end of the album, the main track “Black Sails” is swinging on the waves of dramatic accords that steadily transform into the storm of the whole human life. In this song Weesp sums up with the line: “Don’t let the world break you, and you will change it one day” – which, despite the whole dramatic sounds, makes the album surprisingly motivational and reassuring.
Guys from Weesp say that Black Sails embodies all their listeners, like-minded people and all those who stand out, dream, love and believe.

Join the team, listen to Black Sails album and find your own meaning in it – because, same as with all worthy things in this world, the album does not reveal it right away.

Single Review: Ukiyo – ‘Go’ feat. Chymes

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With an ephemeral sounding track layered over wistful vocals Ukiyo – Go feat. Chymes takes the listener on a journey of sound, carrying them to a mythical place of everlasting sunsets, mountains and dreamscapes.

The single glides effortlessly along the soundscape to whisk you away on a gentle summer zephyr like a cherry blossom and remind the listener of how life is fleetingly beautiful.

The vocals provided by Chymes accompany this track to make the listener feel both chilled out and comforted at the same time.  It manages to calm and make the listener feel nostalgic for those balmy summer nights all at the same time, when the drinks flow as freely as the music on the breeze does and the wind whistles through your hair.

A marvelous new release from  Ukiyo the track is a stunning piece of music, perfectly recorded and produced by the Perth artist.

Make sure to watch the equally as stunning video.

“Go was a track that came about after my first Melbourne show last year.  It was my first Ukiyo show outside of my hometown and the first time I’d flown for ages.  Being up there is always a harsh reminder of how small we are.. the idea was centred around a feeling of adventure and the possibility of happiness out of sadness.  It’s about fixing relationships, whether that be with yourself, someone you love, or something you love.”



Tickets available from | 1300 GET TIX | All Moshtix Outlets
Tickets available from | 9492 6761

News: New Zealand band Raw Collective releases a Powerful New Single ‘Waterproof Coat’

Raw collective

New Zealand band Raw Collective releases a Powerful New Single
‘Waterproof Coat’

Hailing from New Zealand, the unforgettable Raw Collective have released a powerful new single ‘Waterproof Coat.’
The track is a blend of hip-pop, funk, synthesizers and some unorthodox time signatures and structure. In short it’s a pop song from the future, influenced from the past, but available today.
It is simply a metaphor for the ego, a defense against all obstacles we may come across. The song conveys the message to take some time to look after and protect yourself, especially from people psychologically and socially.
“We care and look after the people we love, but sometimes we forget to care the same for ourselves, so put on your coat and stay dry in among the chaos, the rain storms, the turmoil, or the wrong advice,” said MC/Beatmaker Raw Deezy.
“This is a song about celebrating strength and will power, but warns of the need to be immune to any negative influences that life does bring,”
People will become the thing they fight the most, and many people will try to persuade you, even try to stand on your back to reach higher. This track is designed to inspire any listener to take on
your own goals, ignore or jump all the hurdles and follow your own path regardless.

Raw Collective takes inspiration from many genres and influences and distils it into an honest,original raucous energy that speaks to all generations and walks of life through music that sings to the soul, causes the head to nod and encourages the feet to move in rhythmic fashion.
The 12-piece collective was formed in 2014 with their debut single ‘Coins [Memories] became single of the year on Since then the band have followed up with three pre-album singles and have hit the road performing at festivals such as: HOMEGROWN, Coastella, Tora Tora,
Twisted Frequency, CUBADUPA and Newtown Festival.
‘Waterproof Coat’ is off their upcoming debut album ‘For The Ancients’ due to drop 1st of May 2018.


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Trailblazing 21 year old multi-instrumentalist and producer, Ukiyo returns today with his transcendent new single Go, featuring breathtaking vocals from Chymes, out today, April 18.  Ukiyo, otherwise known as Timothy Arnott, has also dropped an exquisite video to accompany the track; a meditative amalgamation of vision capturing the beauty of the Austrian Alps.  The exciting Perth local has also announced a string of hometown shows, including the renowned festival, Groovin’ The Moo in Bunbury on May 12, and Art Ball in Perth on May 26.


Go moves mountains with subtle, assertive ease; modern, exciting production moulds itself around organic, reassuring piano, and that sweet, intimate vocal sits atop the arrangement like a queen upon a throne.  The track is evocative of Flume’s groundbreaking production style, but there is something distinct about Go that is incomparable to others within the genre.  Thoughtful and introverted, Go is the result of a contemplative plane trip, as Timothy explains, Go was a track that came about after my first Melbourne show last year.  It was my first Ukiyo show outside of my hometown and the first time I’d flown for ages.  Being up there is always a harsh reminder of how small we are.. the idea was centred around a feeling of adventure and the possibility of happiness out of sadness.  It’s about fixing relationships, whether that be with yourself, someone you love, or something you love.”


The music video for Go is suitably meditative and magnificent all at once.  Aerial shots of the Alps in Austria fill the screen and warp, twist, invert – it’s hypnotic and kaleidoscopic, but in a comforting, cyclical way.  Directed and shot by the artful Kevin McGloughlin with creative direction and colouring from Brendan Canty, it is truly a wonderfully apt visual representation of the music as it unfolds.  Reflecting on the process, Timothy says, “My biggest inspiration for music is always nature, so when it came around to a video clip for Go, I knew the only actor I wanted was the Earth,” as Kevin adds, “I aimed at evoking a sense of atmosphere and adventure while complimenting the beauty of the track, to express a feeling of exploration, and create a calming journey for the viewer…it was an absolute pleasure to work on this project.”


2018 is set to be a massive one for this exciting young artist, but he’s taking it all in his stride – major festival appearances and all.  Ukiyo says, “Expect some new sounds & directions this year, and Go is just the beginning.”


Go is available now.



Tickets available from | 1300 GET TIX | All Moshtix Outlets


Tickets available from | 9492 6761


“One of the most capable and forward-thinking acts to keep an eye on”  NOISEY

“FEELDS’ silky vocals glide over Ukiyo’s finely tuned synthscape”  405

“[Ukiyo] has given us a new reason to stay on the web a little bit longer” – NYLON

“The Perth producer dazzles, capturing the essence of an Australian summer in three short minutes” – PILERATS

Album Review: Kylie Minogue ‘GOLDEN’


Select 2

Golden is the latest release from the Eternal Princess of Pop, Kylie Minouge and  is Kylie’s first studio album in four years, and her fourteenth studio album in a record breaking career. The album was mainly recorded in Nashville, which was a first for Kylie- and the country influence sure has its impact on this album.

Opening with the catchy lead single “Dancing” the album starts off promising
to be another high- octane dance album from Kylie. However, the influence of recording in Nashville for the first time seems to have had quite an impact and as the album progresses, there is a distinct country feel.

“Shelby ‘68” and slow starter “Radio On” are where the Nashville influence comes out the strongest, the latter being a slower ballad in the style of Faith Hill and is a refreshing change of pace.

Having recently split from her fiancée it would have been easy for Kylie to make an album of regret- drenched clichéd love ballads, lamenting the loss. But, for anyone that has followed her career and personal life over the years, that kind of album would not be her style. In this album she shows that she is the kind of Queen that picks herself up, straightens her crown and just gets on with it.

Even with “One Last Kiss” she isn’t angry – just a little wistful about the past and it’s a positive spin on heartbreak. She laments that there isn’t much she can do, but to just keep going. It’s a classy way to say goodbye to old love and shows a mature Kylie. Its admirable that she hasn’t recorded an album full of anger and regret unlike many of her contemporaries. With the slower “Music is too sad without you” she still has the ability to make love seem like a beautiful lesson, teaming up with Jack Savoretti for the beautiful ballad.

Lead single “Dancing” is sure to become the summer hit for the clubs in Ibiza, anthemic in its production and ever so catchy. Its signature Kylie, full of pep and catchy hooks to make you want to do what the title suggest- dance. Not to be overlooked, the equally fun “Raining Glitter” is another to make shake your hips, when the beat drops.

The album overall is a lot of fun with a mix of high octane dance hits and slower reflective numbers, and it has a lot of heart. Hats off to Kylie for making an album that celebrates life and love, for picking herself up and straightening her crown and doing so with grace and dignity.

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey


caloundra music

Just in case you missed our first artist announcement!

Big Sam’s Funky Nation | Birds Of Tokyo | Blue King Brown

Blue Shaddy | Groovement | Hussy Hicks

John Butler Trio | Mama Kin Spender | POW! Negro

Red Young & The Hot Horns | Seth Sentry | Stomping Ivories

The Living End | The Long Johns | The Southern River Band

The Temper Trap | The Waifs | Thirsty Merc | Tim Finn





Paradise Club (band photo) - 2018

Much-hyped Adelaide newcomers PARADISE CLUB are today thrilled to reveal their delicate, punchy new track ‘Away’, with accompanying video clip.

‘Away’ sees Paradise Club build upon the solid musical groundwork of ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Cap 2’, interweaving delicate, warm guitars and comforting, yet solemn vocals and lyrical content. Touching on the often contradictory nature and tangled nature of modern relationships, the up-and-coming four-piece showcases a melancholic, yet progressively uplifting tone across an intricate soundscape.

With ‘Away’ in tow, Paradise Club are set to cement themselves amongst the top up and coming acts of 2018.

n a matter of months, Paradise Club have come bursting through the gates of the Adelaide music scene, immediately highlighting themselves as one of the most unique and exciting young acts to emerge in recent times. After only a few shows, the genre-bending 4-piece have caused a stir both locally and nationally. The quick-fire release and subsequent critical acclaim of the two standalone singles ‘Cap 2’ and ‘Saturday Night’ has the former receiving extensive airplay on national radio.

By means of a considered, yet idiosyncratic approach to songwriting, soothing melodies and brutally honest lyrical content, Paradise Club evoke the sounds of 90’s mid-west emo, 2000’s indie pop and 80’s new wave. Having already shared the stage with the likes of Ali Barter, Horror My Friend, Sleep Talk and more, Paradise Club are primed to build upon this strong introduction with their newest single ‘Away’, bolstering their upcoming national tour in support of post-hardcore stalwarts Endless Heights this April/May. In addition to this string of supports, Paradise Club have already nabbed the coveted title of triple j Unearthed Feature Artist (Jan 2018), been selected to open the Adelaide leg of 2018’s Laneway Festival (including a live-to air set on triple j) and signed to 123 Agency for bookings in Australia.

Praise for Paradise Club:
“instantly familiar while eerily unique, Paradise Club may only be a few months old
but they’re kicking it out of the park with these songs.”
– Nick Findlay, triple j

“if dave was late to the party then i’m your dad who just found that his whiskey is missing and damn it must have been you son! long story short, i love this.”
– Declan Byrne, triple j

“Some classic emo feels coming through, in all the right ways.”
– Richard Kingsmill, triple j

See Paradise Club live on tour with Endless Heights
Friday, 27th April
Crown And Anchor, Adelaide
Saturday, 28th April
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Thursday, 3rd May
Back Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Friday, 4th May
Rad Bar, Wollongong
Saturday, 5th May
The Lair, Sydney