Hi there.. We love hearing from new musicians. If you’s like to submit to 27 Magazine please read our FAQs first!


How do you submit to 27 Magazine? 

If you are a PR agent please get in touch with us at amanda@27magazine.com with your pitch. Make sure the info you send is complete and your pitch is concise. Due to the high volume of e-mails that we receive any incomplete pitches can’t be taken into consideration.  We love all kinds of music so send it through for us to check out and share with the world. 

Do we  accept requests for Q & As and Interviews? 

No. Here at 27 Magazine we don’t do traditional Q& A interviews- its not our vibe, so please don’t request them from us! 

We do however have three editorial series currently running: 27 Listicle Series, Track this and My Dream Rider 

Editorial Series Opportunities: 

27 Listicle Series. Have your musician tell us what they love and write a Top Five about it. Topics are fairly flexible and we love musicians to talk to us about what they love and what inspires them. Get in touch to find out how to submit one. 

Track this: A track by track special on what inspired you to write the album

My Dream Rider: If you could have anything backstage what would it be? From gold plated toilets to no brown M&Ms talk to us about what is on your dream rider.

To find out more about how to submit to our editorial series, get in touch. 

Do we accept submissions from musicians that are unrepresented by a PR agent or manager? 

Due to the high amount of editorial requests we receive, it’s unlikely that we capacity to respond to emails from unrepresented musicians. If you are an artist, we suggest you seek PR representation and recommend you try our PR partner alie@squawkarts.com

Want to work for 27 Magazine? 

Awesome, if you are a photographer or writer then get in touch with us at amanda@27-magazine.com with some samples of your work.