CD Review: Hadal Maw ‘Charlatan’ EP

The deepest realm of the ocean is known as the Hadal Zone—a term derived from Hades, the Greek god of the underworld. Fittingly, Melbourne death metal band Hadal Maw have assembled a discography that leaves listeners with the overall impression of trudging through the deepest and darkest oceanic trenches. Their forthcoming EP Charlatan maintains that Continue Reading

Album Review: Tired Eyes’ ‘In Denial, Force a Smile’

  Thoroughly dynamic, Tired Eyes’ debut EP ‘In Denial, Force a Smile’ schools unsuspecting listeners on how to boldly weave variety through six memorable tracks. Hailing from Brisbane, the alternative rock band made up of Joey Keating (guitar, vocals), Jesse Kampkes (bass, vocals), Judah Kampkes (keys) and Samuel Peacock (drums) has drawn from hard rock and post-hardcore influences as well as cinematic scoring and pop music to create an ambient Continue Reading