Aurora, The Forum Melbourne

The forum is awash with blue light this evening for the performance of Norwegian songstress Aurora, large jellyfish suspended from the ceiling adding to the underwater atmosphere.

Support act Tones & I opens the show, her enigmatic voice ringing out across the gilded ceiling. At times she comes across as a little self conscious, however regardless of hiding behind a cap she has a powerful voice that is memorable and captivating.

Aurora arrives in a flurry of tulle and blue, her face painted in trademark stripes, much of the audience mimicking her style. She is enegetic, enigmatic and endearing.

During a short break fans gift Aurora with a bevvy of gift bags, to which she graciously thanks them for, displaying a large pine cone that she informs the audience she loves. She is a delight to listen to as she tells her stories and she captivates the audience with her candid humor and sweetness.

Playing a mixture of songs from both albums, her performance is enchanting, the jelly fish changing colour throughout. ‘ Through the eyes of a child’, ‘ Murder Song’  and ‘ Animal’ are all crowd favourites. When someone in the audience lets out an impromtu howl, the audience begin to collectively howl, the perfect lead in to ‘ Running with the Wolves’ which has the room errupting in dance and flailing arms.

Finishing up with ‘ Warrior’ Aurora has delighted and captivated the audience, drawing them into her world for an evening, only to release us all from her spell, wanting more.

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey

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