My Backstage Pass: Bobby Maguire


Queensland-based singer songwriter Bobby Maguire has today announced his new single Moving to the City, a sweet song written to inspire self-confidence in the young artist before a big life change, out now.  The song is also accompanied by a charming clip, and reflects a hilarious, whimsical journey from the country to the city. 

Welcome to your heaven.. welcome to your backstage. 

My Backstage Pass

For my ultimate backstage party my brothers Jayden and Peter would be there as well as my closest friends including my housemate Sam (Snake Eyes) and his handler.

I’d have to hire extra security but that’s fine. Noel Fielding, Ali G and Ron Burgundy would be chilling with us as we smashed Tequila shots and Snake Eyes performed his most politically incorrect comedy show ever.

There would also be a pool full of playful Otters lead by the audacious Slippery Pete amazing all onlookers with miraculous feats of great slippery-ness. The real-life Mario Kart track would have to be towards the rider area, for convenience.

Everyone bring your favourite household projectile!





FRI 29 NOV | ELIXIR BAR, CAIRNS QLD | 18+ Tickets from