This afternoon Bluesfest Director Peter Noble OAM said:
Our region has been decimated by the floods; we have never seen anything like it! And God forbid we ever will again. Our hearts go out to so many of our neighbors and friends who have lost everything. Here at Bluesfest, we will be focusing on supporting musicians in our region who have lost their ability to make a living, playing music. Right now, after two years of COVID already stopping their ability to play, it is all about getting them back and keeping the music playing.  The Bluesfest site was inundated… yet today, you would hardly know it. Our office is open again, and the event site where the music takes place got through unscathed. As did the campgrounds and carpark. There has been some damage, but nothing major.  Compared to what has happened and is still happening in the areas surrounding, it is a miracle, and we feel very fortunate that we can continue to operate right now.
To all our Bluesfesters and potential customers, we say : BLUESFEST IS ON AT EASTER. If we can implore you to do one thing, do not let what is occurring stop you from coming to our region. It needs you. And a way of showing your support is by turning up. Our community needs to continue to work to get through this situation and beyond it. Just by coming to our region and showing support through buying food from businesses both at the festival, and locally in the area, staying in accommodation, and taking part in all the other things our region has to offer, you will be helping so many people get through this time.
It’s you that can help make positive change right now. Let’s support our community to get back on its feet and continue to do all that we can for a fellow Australian because there are so many in need. If you see people collecting funds at the festival for victims of the flood appeals, such as the Red Cross, please give generously.  We will also be donating tickets to Bluesfest for fundraisers in our region.
We are a part of this community, and a lot of us are hurting – but we will continue.  
Bluesfest will take place over 5 days from Thursday 14th April to Monday 18th April 2022 at the Byron Events Farm, Tyagarah, NSW, AUSTRALIA. All ticket options plus camping, parking and VIP are on sale now via the Bluesfest website.
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