AMOYLC have been keeping their community safe since their inaugural meeting at the end of 2017.

The best things you can do with your good friends by  Approachable Members of Your Local Community

1. Hiking / Bush Walking-Well this is just a classic; but there are clear reasons why classics exist! A bit of fresh air and open space can do wonders for any relationship. You can chat about anything, whilst the combination of exercise and exposure to nature engages all the senses which produces endorphins which make you feel sublime. This is a must do over the coming summer break.

2. Being a lollypop crossing –  people to make sure students get home safely from school HEY! Who ever said helping the community isn’t cool and fun way to bond? Plus, you get a whistle and a stop sign. There are so many fun ways to use these props to have laugh with your friends. Can you imagine perfectly directing traffic whilst using your whistle to copy each other’s whistle rhythms. FUN. FOR. DAYS.Oh, and did we forget the inner satisfaction you get from making sure students get to go home to their families to have a lovely warm dinner.

3. Learning a new skill: we suggest ceramic potting or sand castle making. Overcoming new challenges with friends strengthens relationships quicker than you can sing the alphabet.  It’s as if your put in a friendship accelerator – strangers become acquaintances, friends become good friends and great friends become lifelong partners in the revolution to destroy the social inequality.

4. Gardening (Making a veggie Patch!)Is there any better feeling than growing your own produce? It’s that wholesome sensation when the salad you’re munching on has been grown thanks to the hard work of you and your friends. Activities and food bring people together and this activity combines the two. Start this journey with your friends and the soul of those friendships will flourish (just like those leafy greens).

5. Playing cards next to a fireplace after a long day surfing down the coast. We see that surfing might not be tempting for all, but for us, entering the serenity of the ocean and being engulfed by the refreshing water is something which we crave. We can clear our minds and just focus on catching a smooth ride in. After exhausting yourself, lounging around playing cards is a humble activity that tops off the day – it always produces an abundance of laughter and raw fun. Give it a shot!

AMOYLC will bring their community safety strategies to festivals around the country including NYE on the Hill.

‘Only Friend (feat. Tamara Dream)’

Friday, October 5th
Arts Centre Melbourne
New Slang

Thursday, November 29th
Jungle Love Festival
Sunshine Coast, Qld

Saturday, December 8th
Perth, WA

Monday, December 31st
NYE on the Hill
Krowera, VIC

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