Packed with hazy alt-country rock Newcastle’s Demi Mitchell delivers ‘The Overflow’, a glorious debut full length matched with a stack of launch shows.  Ahead of her launch shows we asked Demi her Top Five Slow Sultry Songs 


  1. I’m Not Running Away – Feist   

Feist’s magnetic voice and the hypnotic flow get me every time. It’s soft and gentle at times and raw the next, her music is really inspiring to me. But mostly I just love getting a slow sway on to this song.


  1. Red Right Hand – Nick Cave

This song is pure sex. From the record ‘Let Love In’ which came out in 1994, but was recently made famous by the show Peaky Blinders. It’s my guilty pleasure to pop this on the pub jukebox around closing time, it’s a real crowd divider and weirdo magnet which basically describes Nick Cave’s music.

  1. After Midnight – J.J. Cale

I could never tire of this song. J.J. Cale is probably my all time favourite, that creamy voice and great grooves. My best friend and I late night dance to this tune regularly with gin in hand and our best (or worst) dance moves.


  1. Harlem River – Kevin Morby

Even at 9 minutes this track still isn’t long enough. Sucks you in and then hooks you with a sexy bass line. It’s my go-to song for dancing around alone in my room with the lights down low, it’s a real trip.


  1. Six Blade Knife – Dire Straits

I just couldn’t not add this one in. That signature Mark Knopfler guitar tone and husky vocals. “You come up from behind me and lay it down cold on my skin” – it just sounds so good and I love Dire Straits.


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