What happens when you cross David Attenborough with P!nk? You get a person like no one else on this planet, what you get is dirtgirl!. Much more than a fictional reality, she is an unreal pop star with a very real heart and a hyperreal tribe of millions that she reaches everyday

My fave things about Spring by dirtgirl 

  1. Change!

    Everything in nature changes – especially in Spring! New shoots, fresh blossoms, babies being born…  change is all around us. Some people struggle with change but change is natural. Spring is a magical time to surrender to the power of change! 

    2. Flower power!

       Every time I go outside in Spring my nose tells me there are fresh blooms about – I can smell so many delicate scents around me! My ears also tell me there are flowers blooming. How? The buzzing! There are SO many bees in my garden at the moment, busy floating from bloom to bloom – wearing their pollen pants, of course! 

       3. The sunshine! 

       I love going outside, whatever weather. But there’s nothing like feeling those first rays of Spring sunshine on your face after months of cooler days. It’s like the planet giving you a big warm hug deep down to your soul – a big hug that leaves you with a bounce in your step!

       4. Getting grubby!

       I love getting grubby in Spring because there are SO many ways to get grubby… Turning my garden over. Planting. Pruning. Planning. Mud pie making. Scavenger hunts in the sunshine and even nature craft. There’s no end to the ways we can get grubby in the Spring time! 

       5. Festival season is coming! 

       I love to dance all day… especially in the warmer weather! And some of my fave festivals happen during the hotter months – The Lost Lands, Woodford Folk Festival… Spring means Summer is coming and long days make for even more time to boogie! 


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