Much loved Melbourne nine-piece Echo Drama have today announced their new single Insanity, a heavy condemnation of the selfishness that rules in today’s society, out June 18. Hot on the heels of this massive track is the accompanying clip, directed by Carl Allison (Hilltop Hoods) and reflecting the band in an apocalyptic performance space. Insanity will be launched in style with a celebratory show at The Workers Club Melbourne on July 26, where fans will be able to catch Echo Drama in their element – on the stage.


We asked the gang what are the Top Five Insane things they have  done as a band…

Top 5 insane things we have done as a band 

1) We formed 

I guess I thought starting a 9 piece band doing a riffy Dub/Hip Hop crossover thing was a cruisy idea. Turned out to be really really hard to get together and sometimes I stop and wonder how I ever had the moxy to actually pursue the idea. Needless to say, I don’t regret it and I am damn thankful for the music I have been lucky enough to make with this band and the experiences that have been possible with such an insane group and ambition.

2) We recorded a 14 track album 


Kind of like above, not sure why I thought that would be a chill project. Our first full length album has taken years of hard work and twists and turns that I was probably insane to think wouldn’t pop up. But the finished product is something we are extremely proud of and looking forward to unveiling in full. For now, our first single Insanity is a great first glimpse of the insanity that was the making of this record.

3) We opened our mouths..a lot 


Some of the things I have heard this band chat about over the years, well, insane is probably an understatement. There’s no shortage of comedians amongst the group and anyone who has joined us around a campsite at a festival for a yarn knows it can get pretty crooked. Backstage, rehearsals, on tour, the insanity doesn’t really stop as long as the 9 mouths of Echo Drama are motoring away.

4) We played ‘air hockey’ with pint glasses on a wet pub table 


I actually only just remembered this story as it’s from very early Echo Drama days with a lot of the original lineup. But after a gig in Fitzroy a bunch of us kicked on well into the night, ending up at a bar I should probably leave unnamed so we stand a chance to go back there one day. What started as a bit of harmless clinking of pint glasses somehow escalated into sliding both empty and full glasses of beer at each other and laughing maniacally as they spilt and smashed. This really isn’t typical of our behaviour, not sure why at that moment we lost our sanity and thought it was ok.

5) Camped in subzero temperatures with minimal bedding 

We played a festival in NSW several hours inland from Sydney, and it got insanely cold at night, a few degrees below zero. We had flown up and didn’t pack sleeping gear as were of the impression the festival was providing ample sleeping facilities. We got there to find a couple of soggy old mats and a cotton sheet or two. It was literally freezing and the only option was to wear every single garment we had and drink in front of camp fires all night. Things got weird.  

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